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  • Fox
    Ugresic, Dubravka
    A Best Book of 2018 at Publishers Weekly, Kirkus Reviews, and the New StatesmanFox is the story of literary footnotes and "minor" characters--unnoticed people propelled into timelessness through the biographies and novels of others. With Ugresic's characteristic wit, Fox takes us from Russia to Japan, through Balkan minefields and American road trips, and from the 1920s to the ...

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  • Decals
    Girondo, Oliverio
    An important influence on Jorge Luis Borges and many others, Oliverio Girondo was at the center of Argentine poetry in the twentieth century. A very cosmopolitan writer, his early poems--many of which are collected here for the first time in English--demonstrate his wanderlust, crisscrossing Europe and the Americas on streetcars, express trains, and ocean liners. Many of the po...

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  • Invented Part, The
    Fresán, Rodrigo
    An aging writer, disillusioned with the state of literary culture, attempts to disappear in the most cosmically dramatic manner: traveling to the Hadron Collider, merging with the God particle, and transforming into an omnipresent deity--a meta-writer--capable of rewriting reality.With biting humor and a propulsive, contagious style, amid the accelerated particles of his charac...

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