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  • Living Glimmering Lying
    Botho Strauss
    Populated by characters who are searching for meaning in life and in one another--a hiker waiting for a train in a deserted station, a television journalist who meets an old lover he doesn't really recognize, mismatched lovers, couples married and casual, lost and lonely people--Botho Strauss's Living Glimmering Lying is a melancholy collection of sketches and vignettes, a seri...

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  • Closely watched trains
    Hrabal, Bohumil
    Hrabal's postwar classic about a young man's coming of age in German-occupied Czechoslovakia is among his most popular works. Milos Hrma is a timid railroad apprentice who insulates himself with fantasy against a reality filled with cruelty and grief. After receiving acclaim as a novel, Closely Watched Trains was made into a successful film that won the Academy Award for Best F...

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  • Magnifyng Sheet: lupa
    Que la letra pequeña no sea un impedimento para leer tu libro favorito gracias a esta lupa. Su diseño ligero y flexible la hace ideal para libros de bolsillo.Dimensiones: 10 cm x 10 cm. Aproximadamente. ...

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  • Sky Below
    Zurita, Raúl
    Chilean poet Raul Zurita has long been recognized as one of themost celebrated and important voices from Latin America. Hiscompelling rhythms combine epic and lyric tones, public andmost intimate themes, grief and joy. This bilingual volume ofselected works is the first of its kind in any language, representingthe remarkable range of an extraordinary poet. Zurita's workconfront...

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  • Novel with Cocaine
    Ageyev, M.
    A Dostoevskian psychological novel of ideas, Novel with Cocaine explores the interaction between psychology, philosophy, and ideology in its frank portrayal of an adolescent's cocaine addiction. The story relates the formative experiences of Vadim at school and with women before he turns to drug abuse and the philosophical reflections to which it gives rise. Although Ageyev mak...

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