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  • Strokes of genius 5
    Wolf, Rachel Rubin
    Illustrates the techniques artists use to create drama, tell a story, and pull a viewer in, covering a range of styles and sharing works from contemporary masters. ...

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  • Exhibition 36: Mixed Media Demonstrations...
    Tuttle, Susan
    Come inside for an amazing virtual art exhibit featuring 36 inspiring artists. There's something for everyone at this art expo. Whether you want to sharpen digital-imaging skills, make your own jewelry or listen to the stories behind provocative works, you're sure to find plenty to keep you busy—all included with the price of admission.Amidst a full-color feast for your eyes, y...

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  • Digital Art Wonderland: Creative...
    Sullins, Angi
    Set out on a digital adventure!Come inside Digital Art Wonderland where digital art and art journaling embark together on a luscious visual journey. The daring crew of Angi Sullins and Silas Toball give you a personal tour through a digital art journaling world, showing you how to make your own wonderous creations through instruction, design concepts and lots of inspiration.In ...

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  • Printmaking Unleashed
    Bautista, Tracy

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