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  • Lego Micro Cities
    Friesen, Jeff
    Create your own custom city with building instructions for over 50 builds from 8 amazing LEGO Micro Cities!Build a beautiful LEGO® city that's small enough to hold in your hands! Filled with striking photos, step-by-step instructions, and countless ideas for customization, LEGO Micro Cities shows you how building small can open up new possibilities for the creative builder. You...

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  • Steampunk LEGO
    Himber, Guy
    Filled with dirigibles and floating cities, penny-farthings and pirate ships, curiosities and robots galore, Steampunk LEGO is an illustrated collection of Victorian-era sci-fi treasures, all built from LEGO.Curated by award-winning LEGO builder and special effects master Guy Himber, this full-color coffee table book showcases an eclectic variety of models designed by dozens of...

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  • Art of LEGO Scale Modeling,The
    Glaasker, Dennis / Bosman, Dennis
    The Art of LEGO Scale Modeling displays amazing, fan-built LEGO recreations of real-life vehicles, showing off every amazing detail with high-quality photographs.You'll love poring over dozens of models, including Formula 1 racers, construction vehicles, ships, trains, airplanes, and all kinds of trucks.Authors Dennis Glaasker and Dennis Bosman share their own impressive LEGO m...

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  • Beautiful Lego
    6Doyle, Mike

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  • Lego Adventure Book, The: Vol. 2
    Rothrock, Megan H.
    Join Megs and Brickbot on another exciting tour of LEGO® building in this second volume of The LEGO Adventure Book series. As they track the Destructor and rebuild the models he destroys, you’ll follow along and meet some of the world’s best builders. Learn to create sleek spaceships, exotic pirate hideaways, fire-breathing dragons, fast cars, and much more. With nearly 40 step...

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  • LEGO Architect, The
    Alphin, Tom
    Travel through the history of architecture in The LEGO Architect. You'll learn about styles like Art Deco, Modernism, and High-Tech, and find inspiration in galleries of LEGO models. Then take your turn building 12 models in a variety of styles. Snap together some bricks and learn architecture the fun way! ...

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  • Game Console 2.0, The
    Amos, Evan
    This revised and expanded second edition of the bestselling The Game Console contains brand new content, with coverage of 50 more consoles, variants, and accessories in 50 added pages. The Game Console 2.0 is a gorgeous coffee table book for geeks and gamers that brings together highly detailed photos of more than 100 video game consoles and their electronic interiors spanning ...

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