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  • Charles Vandenhove
    Verschaffel, Bart / Chevrier, Jean-Francois
    The work of Dutch architect Charles Vandenhove has always evinced a tension between his Modernist training and a desire to revise or even reject that heritage, but the past five years have seen him returning to his Modernist education, evolving towards a more austere formal vocabulary. Charles Vandenhove: Recent Work 1995-2000 clearly charts this development, in such striking e...

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  • Jan Jansen’s Shoe
    Goudsmit, Lisa
    Dutch designer Jan Jansen (born 1941) has been turning heads with his baroque and experimental footwear for more than 40 years, and his work has been dubbed “Dutch haute chaussure.” Jansen made his international breakthrough in 1973 with his now world-famous bamboo shoe, an icon beloved by the fashion world and art lovers alike. In this comprehensively illustrated book, author ...

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  • Viktor & Rolf: Fashion Artists 25 Years
    Loriot, Thierre-Maxime
    Since forming their creative partnership in 1992, Dutch fashion designers Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren?working together as Viktor&Rolf?have gained critical acclaim for their cerebral, witty and rebellious approach to design, their technical virtuosity and deep knowledge of fashion history. Their spectacular avant-garde creations are showcased in this richly illustrated publ...

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  • Wrong House: The Architecture of Alfred...
    Jacobs, Steven

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  • Odilon Redon: Literature and Music
    Homburg, Cornelia

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  • Quay Brothers' Universum, The
    Buchan, Suzanne / Guldemond, Jaap
    American-born, UK-based identical twins Stephen and Timothy Quay (born 1947), better known as the Quay Brothers, are internationally celebrated for their incredibly inventive, otherworldly films that deploy objects, puppets and people in gloomy fantasies and haunted visions, creating a fetishized erotics of "stuff" in which dead matter mocks human form. Over the course of their...

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