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  • Tudors, The
    Cleland, Elizabeth / Eaker, Adam
    A fascinating new look at the artistic legacy of the Tudors, revealing the dynasty’s influence on the arts in Renaissance England and beyondRuling successively from 1485 through 1603, the five Tudor monarchs changed England indelibly, using the visual arts to both legitimize and glorify their tumultuous rule—from Henry VII’s bloody rise to power, through Henry VIII’s breach wit...

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  • Alexander McQueen
    Bolton, Andrew / Sundsbo, Solve (fot.)
    You´ve got to know the rules to break them. That´s what I´m here for, to demolish the rules but to keep the traditionUno de los referentes de la moda de finales del s. XX e inicios del siglo XXI es el británico Alexander McQueen. Sus diseños, evocadores de la época victoriana del siglo XIX, son la perfecta yuxtaposición de elementos contrastantes: la fragilidad y la fuerza; la...

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  • Tony Price: Atomic Art
    Rutherford, James
    So horrified by 'the Bombs' potential to obliterate life, New Mexican artist Tony Price (1937-2000) was inspired to create his prophetic and visionary body of work he called "Atomic Art". For more than thirty years, this self-proclaimed 'hippie' Chr(45) a contemporary of such counterculture icons including Bob Dylan Chr(45) recycled scrap materials he uncovered from the salvage...

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  • Regarding Warhol
    Rosenthal, Mark

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  • Louise Bourgeois
    Davies, Clare / Fer, Briony
    An unprecedented look at the little-known paintings from Louise Bourgeois's early years in New York that laid the groundwork for her sculptural practice"The catalog Louise Bourgeois: Paintings, and the revelatory exhibition, . . . were overseen by Clare Davies, who has commissioned an insightful essay from the art historian Briony Fer. But there's another bonus: Beyond the pain...

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  • Surrealism Beyond Borders
    D'alessandro, Stephanie
    A completely new way of looking at and understanding Surrealism, with a focus on the worldwide sweep of the movement"The variety of discoveries, detailed with exceptional scholarship in a ravishing keeper of a catalogue, defeat generalization."-Peter Schjeldahl, New YorkerThis groundbreaking book challenges conventional narratives of Surrealism, tracing its impact and legacy fr...

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  • Tree & Serpent
    Guy, John

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