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  • Out of the Studio
    Osborne, John / Smeaton, Peter
    Photography, one of the most influential inventions of the nineteenth century, has been shaped by Canadian innovators. Among them are two Quebec men who have flown beneath the radar in studies of the history of photography: the Smeaton brothers.Out of the Studio documents the life, oeuvre, and achievement of Charles Smeaton and his younger brother, John. Launched by the opening...

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  • Prophets of Love
    Anderson, Matthew R
    A side-by-side examination of two Jewish thinkers, separated by millennia, but connected by their spirituality.Leonard Cohen and the Apostle Paul might be imagined as brothers with wildly different characters but a strong family resemblance. Paul, the elder sibling, was awkward, abrasive, and zealous. Leonard, the successful younger brother, was a smooth-talking romantic, prone...

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