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  • Anime Art of Hayao Miyazaki, the
    Cavallaro, Dani
    The thought-provoking, aesthetically pleasing animated films of Hayao Miyazaki attract audiences well beyond the director's native Japan. ""Princess Mononoke"" and ""Spirited Away"" were critically acclaimed upon U.S. release, and the earlier ""My Neighbor Totoro"" and ""Kiki's Delivery Service"" have found popularity with Americans on DVD. This critical study of Miyazaki's wor...

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  • Great Zombies in History
    Sergi, Joe
    'From ancient Greece, to early America, and the edge of space, Great Zombies in History tells the secret history of the undead. See how Samurai, Vikings and Spartans dealt with the zombie horde. Witness the last stand in the Zombie War of 1812, what happened to the lost colony of Roanoke, and reason Russia lost the space race'--Provided by publisher. ...

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  • Masters of the Grotesque
    Weishaar, Schuy R.
    The concepts and theories surrounding the aesthetic category of the grotesque are explored in this book by pursuing their deployment in the films of American auteurs Tim Burton, Terry Gilliam, the Coen Brothers and David Lynch. The author argues that interpreting these directors' films through the lens of the grotesque allows us to situate both the auteurs and the films within ...

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  • Kaiju Film, The
    Barr, Jason
    The Kaiju (strange monster) film genre has a number of themes that go well beyond the ""big monsters stomping on cities"" motif. Since the seminal King Kong (1933) and the archetypal Godzilla (1954), kaiju has mined the subject matter of science run amok, militarism, capitalism, colonialism, consumerism and pollution. This critical examination of kaiju considers the entirety of...

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  • Art of Studio Gainax, The
    Cavallaro, Dani
    Formed by a small group of university students in the early 1980s, Studio Gainax is now one of the most adventurous and widely esteemed anime companies on the scene. Although the company's immense popularity is a factor that of itself could justify a study of its members and their diverse creations, the studio is even more intriguing for its unique approach to animation. Formal...

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  • Selected Poems, in Spanish and English
    Nandino, Elias
    Though Latin America has a strong tradition of poetry, many of its best poets remain untranslated in the United States. Elias Nandino (1900-1993) was a Mexican poet who made his living as a surgeon and physician. He published twenty volumes of poetry in his lifetime, work often focused on solitude, eroticism, and love. In recognition of his dedication to teaching and assisting ...

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