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  • Action Movie Freak
    Hill, Katrina
    Written by woman of action Katrina "Action Flick Chick" Hill, Action Movie Freak is packed with spine-tingling excitement and thrilling moments that make action movies a beloved genre for those who crave crashing cars, exploding buildings, and faces getting kicked six ways to Sunday. With badass heroes that ain't got time to bleed, women warriors, thrilling chases and outrageou...

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  • Geek Handbook, The
    Langley, Alex
    Although it may not be good for their skin, geeks these days are enjoying a moment in the sun. It's true, Geeks have inherited the Earth-ready or not. Taking lessons from such classic geeks as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Sheldon Cooper, author Alex Langley provides useful-and awesomely funny-advice every geek needs. This humor handbook helps full-fledged geeks, geeks-in-training...

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  • Collectible card game
    Miller, John / Greenholdt, Joyce

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  • Lost and Found (LP)
    Buena Vista Social Club

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