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  • Unofficial Stranger Things A-Z, The
    Bettridge, Daniel
    Were you among the estimated 15 million worldwide viewers that immersed themselves in the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana during the first month after Stranger Things was released on Netflix? Or even a subsequent, self-confessed super-fan? Yes? Well, good news! In anticipation of the second season of Stranger Things, premiering on Halloween 2017, Daniel Bettridge provides us...

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  • Breaking Bad Cookbook, The
    Mitchell, Chris
    Cook like New Mexico's finest TV family—from the Whites' celebrated cooked breakfast and Hank Schrader's delicious barbecue, to Walter's mouth-watering Heisenburger and Gus Fring's delectable Los Pollos Hermanos Fried Chicken. All recipes are crystal meth-free.For five seasons, Walter White and Jesse Pinkman were undisputedly the greatest cooks in North America. From their humb...

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  • Distant Sky (LP)
    Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
    A1.- Jubilee Street (Live In Copenhagen)A2.- Distant Sky (Live In Copenhagen)B1.- From Her To Eternity (Live In Copenhagen)B2.- The Mercy Seat (Live In Copenhagen) ...

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