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  • Banksy You Are an Acceptable
    Potter, Patrick
    The single best collection of photography of Banksy's street work that has ever been assembled for print. If that isn't enough there are some words too. You Are An Acceptable Level of Threat covers his entire street art career, spanning the late '90s right up to the `Seasons Greetings' Christmas 2018 piece in Port Talbot, Wales. This new edition includes his self-destructing `L...

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  • Colossus. Street Art Europe
    Ashitaka, Julio
    Colossus is the definitive showcase of epic European street art. From Berlin to Barcelona, Budapest to Lisbon it's a visual guide to both the astonishing and the epic. From figurative to abstract, geometric to photo-realistic, all of the major creative executions are covered in the expansive collection. This book is the culmination of years of obsessively keeping up with the ex...

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  • Time's Arrow, Time's Cycle
    Gould, Stephen Jay
    Rarely has a scholar attained such popular acclaim merely by doing what he does best and enjoys most. But such is Stephen Jay Gould's command of paleontology and evolutionary theory, and his gift for brilliant explication, that he has brought dust and dead bones to life, and developed an immense following for the seeming arcana of this field.In Time's Arrow, Time's Cycle his su...

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  • The Parthenon: Revised Edition
    Beard, Mary
    At once an entrancing cultural history and a congenial guide for tourists, armchair travelers, and amateur archaeologists alike, this book conducts readers through the storied past and towering presence of the most famous building in the world. In the revised version of her classic study, Mary Beard now includes the story of the long-awaited new museum opened in 2009 to display...

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  • Freud
    Roudinesco, Elisabeth

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