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  • Witchblade 1
    Kittredge, Cait
    Gunned down and left for dead on a New Yorkrooftop, Alex Underwood's life should have ended there-but instead, at themoment of death, she became host to the Witchblade, a mystical artifact thatgrants the woman wielding it extraordinary powers. But the power comes with aheavy cost, and Alex finds herself thrust into the center of an unseen battleraging on the snowy streets of NY...

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  • Injection Volume 3
    Warren, Ellis
    An archaeological dig in Cornwall has gonevery wrong, very quickly. And Maria Kilbride has her hands full already, as theeffects of the Injection begin to dig in. So Brigid Roth, her old comrade fromthe CCCU, gets hired to go to a stone circle in the middle of a moor, under agranite tor, to find out why a ritual murder might have torn a hole in theworld. What is the ColdHouse?"...

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  • Death or Glory
    Remender, Rick
    Meet Glory, raised off the grid in a convoy of truckers, the last men and women fighting for true freedom on the American open road. Now, in order to pay for her beloved, dying Father's surgery, Glory has three days to pull off four dangerous cross-country heists with mob killers, crooked cops, and a psycho ex-husband all out to bring her in or die trying.New York Times bestsel...

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  • Grande, La
    Saer, Juan José
    Saer's final novel, La Grande, is the grand culmination of his life's work, bringing together themes and characters explored throughout his career, yet presenting them in a way that is beautifully unique, and a wonderful entry-point to his literary world.Moving between past and present, La Grande centers around two related stories: that of Gutierrez, his sudden departure from A...

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  • Warframe Volume 1
    Hawkins, Matt / Cady, Ryan / Hive, Studio
    The critically-acclaimed Free-to-Play CooperativeShooter comes to comics!In the far future, humanity's descendants scramble to survive in a galaxy rife with conflict, scavenging for ancient technology and long-forgotten secrets. Only the Tenno, powerful warriors, battle to preserve peace and keep the technological masterpieces of the long-dead Orokin out of the wrong hands. Now...

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  • Lamb Land
    Peck, Marion
    A major gure in Pop-Surrealism, Marion Peck is a unique artist on the contemporary scene. Simultaneously inspired by Peter Bruegel and Pee Wee Herman, modern kitsch, and ancient magic, she is the author of a distinctive and considerable body of work over the last twenty years. Containing paintings from throughout her career, new essays and an in-depth interview, this beautiful ...

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  • Do No Harm
    Marsh, Henry
    Named a Notable Book of the Year by The New York Times Book Review and The Washington PostWhat is it like to be a brain surgeon? How does it feel to hold someone's life in your hands, to cut into the stuff that creates thought, feeling and reason? How do you live with the consequences of performing a potentially lifesaving operation when it all goes wrong?With astonishing compa...

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  • Legend of Zelda Symphony of the Goddesses
    Kondo, Koji
    The traveling orchestral show The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses presents nearly 30 years of music from the incomparable Legend of Zelda video game series, performed live in four movements and with multimedia backing. For those wanting to bring that epic music to life for themselves, this folio presents the music from the show as piano solo arrangements, also includ...

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  • Ways of Going Home: A Novel
    Zambra, Alejandro
    A brilliant novel from "the herald of a new wave of Chilean fiction" (Marcela Valdes, The Nation)Alejandro Zambra's Ways of Going Home begins with an earthquake, seen through the eyes of an unnamed nine-year-old boy who lives in an undistinguished middle-class housing development in a suburb of Santiago, Chile. When the neighbors camp out overnight, the protagonist gets his fir...

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  • Killer on the Road
    Ellroy, James
    Martin Michael Plunkett is a product of his times -- the possessor of a genius intellect, a pitiless soul of brushed steel, and a heart of blackest evil. With criminal tendencies forged in the fires of L.A.'s Charles Manson hysteria, he comes to the bay city of San Francisco -- and submits to savage and terrible impulses that reveal to him his true vocation as a pure and perfec...

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  • Artemis
    Weir, Andy
    The bestselling author of The Martian returns with an irresistible new near-future thriller--a heist story set on the moon. Jasmine Bashara never signed up to be a hero. She just wanted to get rich. Not crazy, eccentric-billionaire rich, like many of the visitors to her hometown of Artemis, humanity's first and only lunar colony. Just rich enough to move out of her coffin-sized...

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  • Christian Dior: The Spirit of Perfumes
    Quiquempois, Olivier
    The year 1947 was a crucial one for Christian Dior. It was then that the fashion designer simultaneously founded his maison and his perfume factory in Paris.The success of Christian Dior's first essence, Miss Dior, was so outstanding as to leave its permanent mark in history. Ten years on from the founding of his perfume factory, on 24 October 1957, Christian Dior's untimely de...

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  • Youngblood 1
    Bowers, Chad
    THE 'BLOOD IS BACK! 25 years ago, YOUNGBLOOD launched the Image Comics revolution. Now, ROB LIEFELD's blockbuster creation returns with an all new cast and a bold new mission! An uber popular self-protection app called HELP! is changing how we stay safe -- "HELP! lets you decide who saves you." But when a high-rated young hero on the app goes missing, his best friend's search f...

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  • People Power
    Smith, Lyn
    People Power charts the history of the anti-war movement in the UK from the outbreak of the First World War to present-day conflicts in the Middle East, telling the story of conscientious objectors and others who have been engaged in protest over the past century. Drawing on testimonies from the Imperial War Museum's vast collection, and its rich archive of visual material, inc...

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  • Street fighter vs Darkstalkers vol. 1
    Siu Chong, Ken
    When the World Warriors meet the Night Warriors -- they'll raise Hell! These time-tested combatants have met many times in the arcades, but nothing can prepare you for their first action-packed, fan service-fueled comic crossover! Villains will unite, friends will become foes, and the worlds of Street Fighter and Darkstalkers will be changed forever! ...

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  • By chance or providence
    Cloonan, Becky / Loughridge, Lee
    BY CHANCE OR PROVIDENCE collects BECKY CLOONAN’s award-winning trilogy: WOLVES, THE MIRE, and DEMETER, with lush colors by LEE LOUGHRIDGE and a sketchbook/illustration section. These stories cast a spell of hypnotic melancholy, weaving their way through medieval landscapes of ancient curses and terrible truths that will haunt you long after you've set them down. ...

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  • Ghost Stories: Selected and Introduced by...
    Benson, E. F.
    There's nothing sinister about a London bus. Nothing supernatural could occur on a busy Tube platform. There's nothing terrifying about a little caterpillar. And a telephone, what could be scary about that? Don't be frightened of the dark corners of your room. Don't be alarmed by a sudden, inexplicable chill. There's no need for a ticking clock, a limping footstep, or a knock a...

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  • Republic: The Influential Classic
    The newest deluxe edition in the bestselling Capstone Classics Series This ancient classic has had a make-over. In recent years these Capstone Classic deluxe editions have caught the book buying public's imagination. The volumes of international bestsellers such as Think and Grow Rich and The Art of War have quickly become the market leaders. Now Plato's best known work, one of...

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  • Lost Journal of Bram Stoker
    Stoker, Drace / Miller, Elizabeth (Eds.)
    Recently a long-lost notebook belonging to Dracula author, Bram Stoker, was discovered in the attic of one of his great grandsons. Published to coincide with the Centenary of Stoker's death the text of this notebook, written between 1871 and 1881 mostly in his native Dublin, will captivate scholars of Gothic literature and Dracula fans alike. Painstakingly transcribed and resea...

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  • Paul Gauguin's Intimate Journals
    Gauguin, Paul
    Unappreciated in his own lifetime, Paul Gauguin (1848-1903) is now recognized as one of the giants of French postimpressionism and a pioneer of early modernism. A rebel in both art and life, he rejected his bourgeois upbringing and comfortable stockbroker's job to devote his life to painting. Eventually, dismayed by the "hypocrisy of civilization" and in search of a primitive i...

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  • Landscape Painting Now
    Bradway, Todd (Ed)
    From fantastical worlds to political topologies: a global survey of landscape painting in the 21st centuryAlthough the fact may be surprising to some, landscape painting is positively thriving in the 21st century—indeed, the genre has arguably never felt as vital as it does today. The reasons why, if speculative, surely include our imminent environmental collapse and increasing...

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  • Life of Animals in Japanese Art, The
    Singer, Robert T / Masatomo, Kawai
    A sweeping exploration of animals in Japanese art and culture across sixteen centuriesFew countries have devoted as much artistic energy to the depiction of animal life as Japan. Drawing upon the country’s unique spiritual heritage, rich literary traditions, and currents in popular culture, Japanese artists have long expressed admiration for animals in sculpture, painting, lacq...

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  • 49 Uses for a Walking Stick
    Hopkinson, Frank
    This is not the case. Possession of a walking stick opens up a whole gamut of opportunities beyond the simple 'leaning against' purpose. In 49 Uses for A Walking Stick Frank Hopkinson explains the variety of practical uses a walking stick can be put to, from flicking filthy slugs off a lawn and parting crowds to alerting a theatre-goer two rows in front that his rapid consumpti...

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  • Soul of a Nation
    Godfrey, Mark / Whitley, Zoe / Goode Bryant, Linda / Cahan, Susan E / Driskell, David / Gaither, Edmund / Jarrell, Jae / Wadsworth, Jarrell
    African American art in the era of Malcolm X and the Black PanthersIn the period of radical change that was 1963-83, young black artists at the beginning of their careers confronted difficult questions about art, politics and racial identity. How to make art that would stand as innovative, original, formally and materially complex, while also making work that reflected their co...

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  • Vintage Hardcore : XXX Photography 1900-1960
    Nico B
    Since the dawn of human evolution, artists have explored the sexual act - from primitive markings on cave walls and ancient Grecian ceramics, to the more sophisticated forms of Japanese Shunga or Vatsyayana's Kama Sutra. With the advent of the photographic camera, coitus was depicted with a realism hitherto unseen. Yet, there exists a common misconception that 'XXX' photography...

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  • New Woman Behind the Camera, The
    Nelson, Andrea
    An in-depth look at the many ways women around the world helped shape modern photography from the 1920s to the 1950s as they captured images of a radically changing worldDuring the 1920s the New Woman was easy to recognize but hard to define. Hair bobbed and fashionably dressed, this iconic figure of modernity was everywhere, splashed across magazine pages or projected on the s...

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  • Jazz: The Iconic Images of Ted Williams...
    Williams, Ted

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  • The Pastry Chef's Companion
    Rinsky, Glenn

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  • VS 1. Front Towards Enemy
    Brandon, Ivan

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  • Stories Of Edgar Allan Poe: Manga
    Poe, Edgar Allan

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