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  • Alphonse Mucha
    Ormiston, Rosalind
    Though very much an individual and spiritual artist, Alphonse Mucha was a defining figure of the Art Nouveau era and is loved for his distinctive lush style and images of beautiful women in arabesque poses among the plethora of paintings, posters, advertisements and designs he produced. Admire a whole range of his work here in its full glory with succinct accompanying text. ...

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  • Bike
    North, David
    This invaluable new guide takes you through all the benefits of bike riding, along with everything you need to know to get pedalling: how to choose your bike - with the differences between types, such as hybrid and racer; how to choose your helmet, clothing and other accessories; and, care and maintenance. Step-by-step photographs complement the clear and practical text, to mak...

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  • Chinese Myths & Tales
    Latini, Davide
    Great floods and river Gods, snake spirits, and Immortals, China's unique set of mythological tales are derived from its vast expanse, diverse culture and the endless wars between tribes and dynasties. The result is a rich landscape of humanity, gods and spirits introduced here in this comprehensive book of folk tales and legendary exploits.The latest title in Flame Tree's beau...

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  • Japanese Myths & Tales
    Cummings, Alan
    From the creation myth of Izanagi and Izanami designed to explain the origins of the island of Japan, to the hundreds of kami (gods or spirits) and monsters populating the tales, Japanese legends tell the story of the land, the nation, the people and the divine heritage of the emperors of Japan. Often bloody and fantastic, the tales are a powerful, rewarding read, gathered toge...

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  • Jazz & Blues Encyclopedia
    Mandel, Howard
    The Definitive Jazz & Blues Encyclopedia, now fully updated from the illustrated edition, is the ultimate guide to two musical styles that have fundamentally influenced popular music. Divided into chapters, each covering a different era, the book traces the evolution of jazz and blues from their nineteenth-century African-American origins right through to the present day. Each ...

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  • Born to the Dark
    Campbell, Ramsey

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  • Persian Myths & Tales
    Ruymbeke, Christine van

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  • Treasure Island
    Stevenson, Robert Louis

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  • Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales
    Zipes, Jack (Ed.)

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  • Oliver Twist
    Dickens, Charles
    Oliver Twist dares to ask for more food, and with this a character was created that would be loved the world over and whose story would be adapted into countless television, film, theatre and film productions. For anyone wishing to read the works of the great Charles Dickens, Oliver Twist should be top of the list. The novel cemented Dickens' growing reputation as a writer, con...

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  • Aztec Myths
    Jackson, J. K. (edm)
    Though the Olmecs (1250-200 bc) were the first civilization in Mexico, the Aztecs (1325-1521) -Mesoamerica's last imperial civilization and the most significant of the militaristic post-Classic period - are probably who first come to mind when we think of great empires of that region. Like other Mesoamerican cultures, Aztec gods and myths reflected a natural philosophy where id...

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