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  • Everybody Is Stupid Except For Me and...
    Bagge, Peter
    Bagge''s comic strip opinion pieces for Reason magazine for the last several years are collected in Everybody is Stupid Except For Me. Although a libertarian by inclination, Bagge is hardly dogmatic, and many of the pieces undermine traditional party lines in favor of a personal, rational and informed take on hot-button issues. Bagge’s well-researched comic strip “essay” topics...

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  • Adore life (LP)
    A1.- The Answer A2.- Evil A3.- Sad PersonA4.- AdoreA5.- Slowing Down The WorldB1.- I Need Something New B2.- When In LoveB3.- Surrender B4.- T.I.W.Y.G. B5.- Mechanics ...

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  • There's a Riot Going on (LP)
    Yo la tengo
    A1.- You Are Here A2.- Shades Of Blue A3.- She May, She Might B1.- For You Too B2.- Ashes B3.- Polynesia #1 B4.- Dream Dream Away C1.- Shortwave C2.- Above The Sound C3.- Let's Do It Wrong C4.- What Chance Have I Got D1.- Esportes Casual D2.- Forever D3.- Out Of The Pool D4.- Here You Are ...

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  • Fab4 Mania
    Tyler, Carol
    Critically acclaimed cartoonist Carol Tyler recreates the exhilaration and excitement of Beatlemania at its height in 1965, her personal obsession with the Beatles, and her odyssey that leads her to the famous Beatles Chicago concert later that year. Told in the voice of its 13-year-old author, Fab 4 Mania is a facsimile of the diary that she kept throughout 1965, and is brimmi...

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  • I Killed Adolf Hitler
    In this graphic novel, a hitman travels back in time to kill Adolf Hitler in 1939... but things go spectacularly wrong. ...

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  • Bad Gateway
    Hanselmann, Simon
    Perpetually drunk and high, lovable degenerates Megg and Mogg have drifted through a life full of raucous antics and free of consequences. But their heavy drug use, once a gateway to adventure, has begun to take a grim psychological toll. As her unstable lifestyle finally catches up to her, Megg must turn to her past to uncover the roots of her self-destructive habits that have...

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  • Everything Hits At Once: Best Of... (LP)
    A1.- I Turn My Camera OnA2.- Do YouA3.- Don't You EvahA4.- Inside OutA5.- The Way We Get ByA6.- The UnderdogB1.- Hot ThoughtsB2.- I Summon YouB3.- Rent I PayB4.- You Got Yr Cherry BombB5.- Got NuffinB6.- Everything Hits At OnceB7.- No Bullets Spent ...

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  • Graphis Nudes 5
    Pedersen, B Martin
    Contents: Full-page images feature the beauty of the human form and deserve to hang among Fine Art at world-class museums. The work submitted was judged by a panel of award-winning Photographers and Artists. Credits & Bios: Biographies and commentary by Platinum and Gold Award Winners shine a light on the artists' inspirations and career trajectories. Selling Points: This book ...

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  • Ghost World
    Clowes, Daniel
    Ghost World has become a cultural and generational touchstone, and continues to enthrall and inspire readers over a decade after its original release as a graphic novel. Originally serialized in the pages of the seminal comic book Eightball throughout the mid-1990s, this quasi-autobiographical story (the name of one of the protagonists is famously an anagram of the author's nam...

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  • Michael Jordan: Bull On Parade
    Santiago, Wilfred
    A kinetic graphic biography about Michael “Air” Jordan, the greatest basketball player of all time and most influential athlete in history, from the creator of the acclaimed and best-selling 21: The Story of Roberto Clemente.This tour-de-force graphic biography explores basketball superstar Michael Jordan’s public successes and private struggles, with Santiago’s passion for his...

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  • Wallace Wood Presents Shattuck
    Wood, Wallace
    In 1972, Wallace Wood created Shattuck, a rarely seen Western comic strip, assisted by soon-to-be great cartoonists Dave Cockrum (X-Men) and Howard Chaykin (Star Wars, Punisher). Full of gun-toting femmes fatale, fast-drawing lawmen, and snarling outlaws, this spurs 'n' saddles romp will be published in the same beautifully designed and affordable format as Fantagraphics’s best...

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  • How I Tried To Be A Good Person
    Lust, Ulli
    Lust's follow-up to her first internationally lauded graphic memoir, How I Tried to Be a Good Person, picks up directly where its predecessor left off. Revealing and powerful, Lust recounts her life as a young, enthusiastic anarchist making her way in Vienna in the 1990s - and of her love for two men: the perfect companion Georg, an actor twenty years her elder, and the perfect...

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  • What Would the Community Think (LP)
    Cat Power
    A1 In This HoleA2 Good Clean FunA3 What Would The Community ThinkA4 Nude As The NewsA5 They Tell MeA6 Taking PeopleB1 Fate Of The Human CarbineB2 King Rides ByB3 BathysphereB4 Water & AirB5 EnoughB6 The Coat Is Always On ...

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  • Jukebox (LP)
    Cat Power
    A1 New YorkA2 Ramblin' (Wo)manA3 Metal HeartA4 Silver StallionA5 Aretha, Sing One For MeA6 Lost SomeoneB1 Lord, Help The Poor & NeedyB2 I Believe In YouB3 Song To BobbyB4 Don't ExplainB5 Woman Left LonelyB6 Blue ...

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  • Red Room
    Piskor, Ed
    Aided by the anonymous dark web and nearly untraceable cryptocurrency, a criminal subculture has emerged. It livestreams murders as entertainment. Who are the killers? Who are the victims? Who is paying to watch? How to stop it? Red Room is constructed as a series of interconnected stories, shining a light on the characters who exist in the ugliest of corners in cyberspace. Pis...

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  • Fruit Of Knowledge
    Bowers, Melissa
    From Adam and Eve to pussy hats, people have punished, praised, pathologized, and politicized vulvas, vaginas, clitorises, and menstruation. In this graphic nonfiction book, drawn in chunky, punky pen, Swedish cartoonist Liv Strömquist traces how different cultures and traditions have shaped women's health and beyond. Her biting, informed commentary and ponytailed avatar guides...

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  • Streets Of Paris, Streets Of Murder Vol. 1
    Manchette, Jean-Patrick
    In the never-before-collected Griffu, the titular character is a legal advisor, not a private eye, but even he knows that when a sultry blonde appears in his office after hours, he shouldn't trust her -- and she doesn't disappoint. Griffu is soon ensnared in a deadly web of sexual betrayal, real estate fraud, and murder. In West Coast Blues, a young sales executive goes to the ...

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  • Streets Of Paris, Streets Of Murder Vol. 2
    Manchette, Jean-Patrick / Tardi, Jacques
    The second of two volumes presenting all four hardboiled graphic crime novels by Jean-Patrick Manchette and Tardi. Like a Sniper Lining Up His Shot -- Martin Terrier, killer-for-hire, needs just one more big job so that he can turn in his guns for good and return home to marry his childhood sweetheart. But soon, he's on the run -- not only from the authorities and his treachero...

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  • Beatnik Buenos Aires
    Arandojo, Diego
    This atmospheric graphic novel captures the rollicking arts scene of ’60s Buenos Aires.When night falls in Buenos Aires, the city comes alive. Artists flock to cafes and dives to exchange ideas, listen to music, watch outré performance art, pen poetry, fall in love. In these raucous, smoke filled rooms, the bohemian heart and soul of this vibrant city, a conflagration of creati...

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  • Complete Works Of Fante Bukowski, The
    Sciver, Noah Van
    Living in a beat-up motel, consorting with the downtrodden and mid-level literati, Fante Bukowski must overcome great obstacles: a love interest turned rival, ghostwriting a teen celebrity's memoirs, no actual talent -- to gain the respect and adoration of critics and, more importantly, his father. Van Sciver has created a scathing, hilarious, and empathetic character study of ...

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  • Complete Peanuts 1997-1998, The
    Schulz, Charles M
    Even the most devoted Peanuts fan will be surprised by revisiting Schulz's last decade of work. Schulz's cartooning has never been more expressive, and his sense of humor never more unencumbered by formula or tradition. In this volume, Charlie Brown gets caught up in a fake celebrity autographs racket, Rerun gets accused of sexual harassment, the infamous "Crybaby" Boobie retur...

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  • New School
    Shaw, Dash

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  • Life and Death of Fritz the Cat, The
    Crumb, R.

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  • Frank Book, The
    Woodring, Jim

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  • Back in Bleck: Blecky Yuckerella, Vol. 2
    Ryan, Johnny

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  • My Favorite Thing Is Monsters
    Ferris, Emil

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  • My Pretty Vampire
    Skelly, Katie
    A vampire has sex-positive adventures in this “pop shojo”-style graphic novel.Clover ? the “pretty” vampire of the title ? is a Bardot-esque blonde who dreams of the (now-dead) girl she once was four years ago before becoming a fanged bloodsucker. She is being kept prisoner by her brother, Marcel, who fears Clover will be hunted by the outside world (and who may have other, mor...

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  • Boy's Club
    Furie, Matt

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  • Megg and Mogg in Amsterdam and other stories
    Hanselmann, Simon
    Megg the witch, Mogg the cat, their friend Owl, and Werewolf Jones struggle unsuccessfully with their depression, drug use, sexuality, poverty, lack of ambition, and their complex feelings about each other. It’s a laff riot! Megg and Mogg decide to take a trip to Amsterdam for some quality couple time, although the trip gets off to a rocky start when they forget their antidepre...

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  • Black Light: The World of L. B. Cole
    Cole, L. B.

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