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  • Formula E Manual : Racing For The Future
    Smith, Sam
    Formula E is leading the way for the future of motorsport, promoting electric power for a sustainable future while providing thrilling racing. This official book, produced with the full cooperation of Formula E, gives the reader an 'access all areas' pass to provide a fascinating insight into the series and its inner workings. The book looks at the origins and history of Formul...

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  • Sam's Scrapbook
    Posey, Sam

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  • Formula 1's Unsung Pioneers
    Wagstaff, Ian / Ecclestone, Bernie
    This is the previously untold story of a very special British racing team. The British Racing Partnership (BRP), which operated from 1958 to 1964, is best known for its association with Stirling Moss, who was driving a BRP-entered car at Goodwood on that fateful day in 1962 when a serious crash ended his career. Less familiarly, BRP became the first fully sponsored team in Form...

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