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  • Art Forms in Nature
    Haeckel, Ernst
    Ernst Heinrich Haeckel (1834–1919) was renowned as one of the foremost early exponents of Darwinism. His work was credited with having caused the acceptance of Darwinism in Europe, and his popular studies ? preaching the continuity of all life, organic and inorganic, from prehistoric time to the present ? converted tens of thousands of readers all over the world. Today, althoug...

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  • Biography for Beginners
    Bentley, Edmund Clerihew / Chesterton, G. K.
    The Art of BiographyIs different from Geography.Geography is about Maps,But Biography is about Chaps.With these rhyming lines, English novelist and humorist Edmund Clerihew Bentley introduces this book and an unusual form of verse of his own invention. Bentley's four-line poems, known as "clerihews," offer satirical views of historical figures, from Edward the Confessor and Odo...

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  • Principles of Psychology Vol. 1, The
    James, William
    "For the psychologist, standard reading, to all readers, a classic of interpretation." -- Psychiatric QuarterlyThis is the first inexpensive edition of the complete Long Course in Principles of Psychology, one of the great classics of modern Western literature and science and the source of the ripest thoughts of America's most important philosopher. As such, it should not be co...

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  • Dore's Dragons, Demons and Monsters
    Dore, Gustave
    One of the great book illustrators of all time, Gustave Doré created richly detailed, brilliantly imaginative scenes of legendary worlds filled with fantastic creatures. This collection of more than ninety illustrations dramatically demonstrates the amazing inventiveness of this remarkable nineteenth-century artist.His fanciful portrayals of sea serpents, fire-breathing dragons...

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  • Dore Gallery, The
    Dore, Gustave
    This superb compilation showcases the art of Gustave Doré, one of the nineteenth century's most prolific and successful book illustrators. Brimming with stunning images created to accompany the world's greatest literature, this volume compiles the very finest and most famous plates from Doré's work.Scores of magnificent, finely wrought engravings feature such dramatic and power...

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  • Mexican Short Stories
    Appelbaum, Stanley (Comp.)
    From the realism of López Portillo to the romanticism of Gutiérrez Nájera, this important collection offers a rich sampling of the finest Mexican prose published from 1843 to 1918. Nine short story selections appear in their original Spanish text, with expert English translations on each facing page. ...

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  • German Expressionist Woodcut
    Weller, Shane
    Over 100 works by Max Beckmann, Heinrich Campendonk, Erich Heckel, Franz M. Jansen, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, César Klein, Käthe Kollwitz, Georg Mathéy, Edvard Munch, Wilhelm Rudolph, Arthur Segal, Jakob Steinhardt, Georg Tappert, Ines Wetzel, and others. Distorted, stylized forms embody revolutionary mood of the early 20th century. Introduction. Captions. Notes on artists. Over 1...

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  • French Stories
    Fowlie, Wallace
    Drawn from two centuries of French literature, these superb selections by ten great writers span a wide variety of styles, philosophies and literary creeds. The stories reflect not only the beliefs of various literary schools, but the preoccupations of French civilization, at the various times of the composition, with the metaphysical and psychological problems of man. ...

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  • Sorrows of Young Werther, The
    Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von
    Loosely based on Goethe's personal experiences, the novel is written mostly in the form of letters in which Werther recounts his unrequited love for a married woman. Its Sturm und Drang style makes it a perennial favorite with readers of every era. Includes the original German with English translation on the facing pages. ...

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  • Great Scenes from Horror Stories
    Green, John
    Filled with thrills and chills, this coloring book features bloodcurdling scenes from more than two dozen well-known tales of horror. Each of the 29 images is accompanied by a famous quotation from the corresponding story. Contents include vignettes from Frankenstein, The Raven, The Magic Island, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, and more. ...

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  • Dore's Illustrations for Don Quixote
    Dore, Gustave
    "His Don Quixote ... from its first to its last page [is] a marvel of imagination, poetry, sentiment, and sarcasm. . . . People still speak of it only as 'Doré's Don Quixote'." -- Life and Reminiscences of Gustave DoréDoré himself had something of Quixote's chivalry and spent an arduous life drafting impossible dreams; he knew fame as well as pain, disillusionment, and failure....

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  • Italian Stories / Novelle Italiane
    Hall, Robert A.
    Designed for the language student as well as the lover of fine literature, this convenient dual-language book features eleven great short stories — each one appearing in the original Italian, with vivid and accurate English translations on facing pages.Robert A. Hall, Jr., Professor Emeritus of Linguistics and Italian, Cornell University, has compiled a stimulating and represen...

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  • Sicilian Stories: A Dual-Language Book
    Verga, Giovanni
    This outstanding selection of 12 short stories from the Italian verismo (realist) school features tales from the author's Vita dei campi (Rural Life) and Novelle rusticane (Rustic Stories). Selections include the celebrated "Cavalleria Rusticana" (Rustic Chivalry), "Nedda," "L'amante di Gramigna" (Gramigna's Mistress), "Reverie," "Jeli the Herdsman," "Nasty Redhead," and 6 othe...

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  • Metamorphosis and Other Stories, The
    Kafka, Franz
    Since his death in 1924, Kafka has come to be regarded as one of the greatest modern writers, one whose work brilliantly explores the anxiety, futility, and complexity of modern life. The precision and clarity of Kafka's style, its powerful symbolism, and his existential exploration of the human condition have given his work universal significance.In addition to the title selec...

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  • Doré's London
    Doré, Gustave
    London in the middle of the 1800s was a subject endlessly sketched by artists, studied by social reformers, and discussed by writers. This comprehensive collection of drawings by Gustave Doré, France's most celebrated graphic artist of the period, presents a panoramic portrait of that engrossing city — from fashionable ladies riding in a sunlit park to ragged wretches in a shad...

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  • An Aztec Herbal
    De la Cruz, Martín
    Originally written in the Aztec language, this 16th-century codex was the first herbal and medical text compiled in the New World. It contains ancient remedies for myriad ailments — boils, hair loss, cataracts, insomnia hiccoughs, and gout, to name a few. Analytical Index to Plants. New Introduction. Over 180 black-and-white and 38 color illustrations. ...

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  • Japanese Tattoo Art: Stained Glass...
    Elder, Jeremy
    Dazzling images to color inspired by tattoo art from the Land of the Rising Sun! Based on authentic Japanese body art, these 16 illustrations include koi, dragons, a tiger, samurai, delicate blossoms, and other traditional motifs. The drawings are printed on translucent paper that's perforated for easy removal. Color them, and then place near a lamp or a window for a lovely sta...

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  • Malleus Maleficarum of Heinrich Kramer and...
    Summers, Montague (ed.)
    Full text of most important witchhunter's "bible," used by both Catholics and Protestants. First published in 1486, the book includes everything known at the time about cults, illicit sex, dealings with the devil, and more. ...

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  • Magic Island, The
    Seabrook, William / King, Alexander (Ilus.)
    "The best and most thrilling book of exploration that we have ever read … [an] immensely important book." — New York Evening Post"A series of excellent stories about one of the most interesting corners of the American world, told by a keen and sensitive person who knows how to write." — American Journal of Sociology"It can be said of many travelers that they have traveled widel...

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  • Grumpy cat´s knitting nightmares
    Internet sensation Grumpy Cat reluctantly approves these feline-oriented knitting projects. Clear directions and well-illustrated patterns, accompanied by color photographs, explain how to make a fabulous assortment of sweaters, toys, and accessories for you and your favorite kitties. In addition to being wonderful handmade gifts, these projects are great keepers, too.You can m...

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  • Art Deco Interiors
    Delacroix, Henry
    First published in Paris as Decoration Moderne dans l'Interieur, this rare 1935 portfolio of full-color plates reflects the influence of Art Deco modernism on architects and interior designers. Designs for every space include living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, offices, terraces, artists' studios, and other settings. Equally eye-catching are the lighting, chairs, t...

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  • Grumpy Cat vs the World
    Pereira, Diego
    Join Grumpy Cat® for a spin around the globe, from Russia and China to Morocco, France, Panama, and elsewhere! Rendered in a rich mosaic style, 31 images depict the sweet little sourpuss in traditional garments and surrounded by national symbols. Pages are perforated and printed on one side only for easy removal and display. Specially designed for experienced colorists, Grumpy ...

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  • Das Rheingold
    Wagner, Richard
    Das Rheingold, the first opera in Wagner's celebrated four-part Ring Cycle, blends the powerful imagery of Norse and Teutonic mythology with glorious, robustly inventive music to produce a dramatic allegory of greed and lust for power. Despite its popularity, however, Das Rheingold has long been difficult to find in complete score — until now. This handsome volume reproduces th...

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  • House on the Bordeland, The
    Hodgson, William Hope
    A reclusive man, retreating to the Irish countryside with his sister, finds himself one day at the portal to another dimension. Years later, amid the crumbling ruins of his home, a pair of travelers find his diary and its horrifying details of the terrors that stalked his world -- grotesque, swine-like monsters crawling from an abyss to swarm about the doors, fierce storms that...

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  • Animals in motion
    Muybridge, Eadweard
    Here is the largest, most comprehensive selection of Muybridge's famous animal photos — more than 4,000 high-speed shots of 34 different animals and birds, in 123 different types of actions. Animals are shown walking, running, leaping, flying — in typical actions. The horse alone is shown in more than 40 different ways: galloping with nude rider, trotting, pacing with sulky, ca...

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  • Men of Iron
    Pyle, Howard
    Myles Falworth was only eight years old the day a knight in black armor rode into the courtyard of his father's castle with murderous intent. Unexpectedly, it triggered a chain of events that forever changed Myles' life, culminating in an unjust accusation of treason that brought disgrace to the house of Falworth. The only hope of redeeming the family's reputation and fortunes ...

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  • Fun with Hand Shadows
    Jacobs, Frank
    This charming book shows you how to have fun with a pastime that has delighted children and adults for generations: making shadow pictures on the wall with your hands and fingers.Selected from the pages of two clever 19th-century picture books, 28 hand-shadow illustrations demonstrate how to create marvelous images of a goose, deer (with antlers), birds, a bunny, a dog, an elep...

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  • Three Great Plays
    O'Neill, Eugene
    Winner of the Nobel Prize for literature and four Pulitzer prizes, Eugene O'Neill is generally acknowledged as America's greatest playwright. This volume includes three of the writer’s early, influential works:The Emperor Jones presents a forceful powerful psychological portrayal of brute power, fear, and madness as it traces events in the life of the self-proclaimed ruler of a...

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  • Key of Solomon the King, The
    MacGregor Mathers, S. L.
    How to make a magic carpet, become invisible, and find love are among the useful procedures detailed in this famous book of magic. Reputedly written by King Solomon himself, this major text of Western ritual magic contains chants, prayers, and instructions -- both general and specific -- on trafficking with the spirit world.Editor and translator S. L. MacGregor Mathers was a le...

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  • Thus Spake Zarathustra
    Nietzsche, Friedrich Wilhelm
    A tremendously influential philosophical work of the late nineteenth century, Thus Spake Zarathustra is also a literary masterpiece by one of the most important thinkers of modern times. In it, the ancient Persian religious leader Zarathustra (or Zoroaster) serves as the voice for Friedrich Nietzsche's views, which include the introduction of the controversial doctrine of the Ü...

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