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  • Faust
    Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von
    At the time of Faust's 1808 publication, Goethe was already famous as one of the most accomplished men of his era. A statesman as well as an artist and the writer of scientific essays, poetry, and criticism, the German author sealed his immortality with this ambitious drama and its embodiment of eighteenth-century humanism. Goethe based his protagonist on figures of history and...

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  • Principles of Psychology Vol. 1, The
    James, William
    "For the psychologist, standard reading, to all readers, a classic of interpretation." -- Psychiatric QuarterlyThis is the first inexpensive edition of the complete Long Course in Principles of Psychology, one of the great classics of modern Western literature and science and the source of the ripest thoughts of America's most important philosopher. As such, it should not be co...

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  • Four Books of Architecture, The
    Palladio, Andrea
    Andrea Palladio (1508–1580) was one of the most celebrated architects of the Renaissance, so important that the term Palladian has been applied to a particular style of architecture that adheres to classical concepts. The wide spread of Palladianism was due partly to the private and public buildings he constructed in Italy, the designs of which were copied throughout Europe. Bu...

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  • Doré Illustrations for Dante's Divine...
    Doré, Gustave
    The present volume reproduces with excellent clarity all 135 plates that Gustave Dore produced for "The Inferno," "Purgatory," and "Paradise." From the depths of hell onto the mountain of purgatory and up to the empyrean realms of paradise, Dore's illustrations depict the passion and grandeur of Dante's masterpiece in such famous scenes as the embarkation of the souls into hell...

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  • Dore Gallery, The
    Dore, Gustave
    This superb compilation showcases the art of Gustave Doré, one of the nineteenth century's most prolific and successful book illustrators. Brimming with stunning images created to accompany the world's greatest literature, this volume compiles the very finest and most famous plates from Doré's work.Scores of magnificent, finely wrought engravings feature such dramatic and power...

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  • Philosophical Writings of Peirce
    Peirce, C.S.
    "An excellent, discerning introduction. It should prove a real boon to the student of Peirce." — The Modern SchoolmanCharles S. Peirce was a thinker of great originality and power. Although unpublished in his lifetime, he was recognized as an equal by such men as William James and John Dewey and, since his death in 1914, has come to the forefront of American philosophy. This vo...

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  • Mexican Short Stories
    Appelbaum, Stanley (Comp.)
    From the realism of López Portillo to the romanticism of Gutiérrez Nájera, this important collection offers a rich sampling of the finest Mexican prose published from 1843 to 1918. Nine short story selections appear in their original Spanish text, with expert English translations on each facing page. ...

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  • Great Scenes from Horror Stories
    Green, John
    From the terrifying Headless Horseman of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow to Frankenstein's ghastly monster, this coloring book depicts characters and episodes from more than two dozen well-known thrillers. Featured vignettes include dramatic moments from Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and Dracula as well as stories by Poe, Lovecraft, Dickens, Kipling, and other masters of suspense. ...

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  • Dore's Illustrations for Don Quixote
    Dore, Gustave
    "His Don Quixote ... from its first to its last page [is] a marvel of imagination, poetry, sentiment, and sarcasm. . . . People still speak of it only as 'Doré's Don Quixote'." -- Life and Reminiscences of Gustave DoréDoré himself had something of Quixote's chivalry and spent an arduous life drafting impossible dreams; he knew fame as well as pain, disillusionment, and failure....

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  • Doré's London
    Doré, Gustave
    London in the middle of the 1800s was a subject endlessly sketched by artists, studied by social reformers, and discussed by writers. This comprehensive collection of drawings by Gustave Doré, France's most celebrated graphic artist of the period, presents a panoramic portrait of that engrossing city — from fashionable ladies riding in a sunlit park to ragged wretches in a shad...

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  • Malleus Maleficarum
    Summers, Montague (Ed.)
    For nearly three centuries Malleus Maleficarum (The Witches' Hammer) was the professional manual for witch hunters. This work by two of the most famous Inquisitors of the age is still a document of the forces of that era's beliefs. Under a Bull of Pope Innocent VIII, Kramer and Sprenger exposed the heresy of those who did not believe in witches and set forth the proper order of...

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  • Grumpy cat´s knitting nightmares
    Internet sensation Grumpy Cat reluctantly approves these feline-oriented knitting projects. Clear directions and well-illustrated patterns, accompanied by color photographs, explain how to make a fabulous assortment of sweaters, toys, and accessories for you and your favorite kitties. In addition to being wonderful handmade gifts, these projects are great keepers, too.You can m...

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  • Grumpy Cat Hates Coloring
    Pereira, Diego
    It's the face that launched a thousand quips! Fans of the internet sensation Grumpy Cat® will prize this tribute coloring book and its portrait gallery, which features 31 intricate full-page designs of the cranky-looking feline. Pages are perforated and printed on one side only for easy removal and display. Specially designed for experienced colorists, Grumpy Cat Hates Coloring...

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  • Das Rheingold
    Wagner, Richard
    Das Rheingold, the first opera in Wagner's celebrated four-part Ring Cycle, blends the powerful imagery of Norse and Teutonic mythology with glorious, robustly inventive music to produce a dramatic allegory of greed and lust for power. Despite its popularity, however, Das Rheingold has long been difficult to find in complete score — until now. This handsome volume reproduces th...

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  • Animals in motion
    Muybridge, Eadweard
    Here is the largest, most comprehensive selection of Muybridge's famous animal photos — more than 4,000 high-speed shots of 34 different animals and birds, in 123 different types of actions. Animals are shown walking, running, leaping, flying — in typical actions. The horse alone is shown in more than 40 different ways: galloping with nude rider, trotting, pacing with sulky, ca...

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  • Men of Iron
    Pyle, Howard
    Myles Falworth was only eight years old the day a knight in black armor rode into the courtyard of his father's castle with murderous intent. Unexpectedly, it triggered a chain of events that forever changed Myles' life, culminating in an unjust accusation of treason that brought disgrace to the house of Falworth. The only hope of redeeming the family's reputation and fortunes ...

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  • Great Spanish and Latin American Short...
    Hiller, Anna E. (Ed.)
    This bilingual anthology features outstanding short stories by the most celebrated Spanish-language writers. Contents include tales by Cervantes, Alarcon, de Unamuno, Pio Baroja, Borges, Goytisolo, Ruben Dario, and others. Ideal for students of language and literature, it is equally valuable for classroom use and independent study. An informative Introduction and Notes accompan...

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  • Six Frida Kahlo Postcards
    Kahlo, Frida
    One of the 20th century's most provocative artists, Mexican-born Frida Kahlo (1907–1954) produced extraordinary personal images. Prized by lovers of fine art for their originality and haunting beauty, these works often incorporated themes from Mexican folk art but also candidly recorded on canvas the artist's loves, losses, pain, and passions.This splendid set of cards reproduc...

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  • Mutual Aid
    Kropotkin, Peter
    In this cornerstone of modern liberal social theory, Peter Kropotkin states that the most effective human and animal communities are essentially cooperative, rather than competitive. Kropotkin based this classic on his observations of natural phenomena and history, forming a work of stunning and well-reasoned scholarship. Essential to the understanding of human evolution as wel...

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  • Conquest of Bread, The
    Kropotkin, Peter
    Born a Russian prince, Peter Kropotkin (1842-1921) rejected his title and wealth to spend his life in pursuit of social justice and equality. His last major work, The Conquest of Bread, surveys economic methods for the satisfaction of human needs. The 1892 treatise also outlines the revolutionary path to his vision of utopia: an anarchist communist society.Kropotkin criticizes ...

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  • Movie-Star Portraits of the Forties
    Kobal, John
    The Hollywood of the Forties brings many images to mind. Do you remember the most famous pinup of them all? Betty Grable smiling at you all through World War II. The original sweater girl, Lana Turner. Rita Hayworth in all her glory. The stunning and statuesque Ava Gardner. A defiant, scantily clad Jane Russell standing near the hay. Bogart, Garfield, Kirk Douglas, Judy Garland...

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  • Art & Illustration of Walter Crane The
    Crane, Walter
    A prominent figure in the Victorian art world, Walter Crane not only participated in the late nineteenth century's publishing revolution but also led the way toward the Golden Age of Illustration. Crane was instrumental in the transition from simple black-and-white illustrations for children's books to gallery-quality artwork. This original collection features more than one hun...

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  • Great Weird Tales
    Joshi, S.T. (Ed.)
    Weird tales -- exquisitely chilling works of fiction dealing with supernatural horrors, fantasy, and pseudo-science -- became an established genre with the enduring masterpieces of Edgar Allan Poe. The 14 spellbinding stories assembled in this outstanding collection are by later writers, who produced a great outpouring of weird fiction in the "Golden Age" of the genre, between ...

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  • Will to Power, The
    Nietzsche, Friedrich
    Throughout his career, Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche explored the concept of the will to power, interpreting it variously as a psychological, biological, and metaphysical principle. This posthumously produced volume, drawn from his unpublished notebooks, collects the nineteenth-century philosopher's thoughts on the force that drives humans toward achievement, dominance, and creat...

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  • Joan of Arc
    Funck-Brentano, F.
    Warrior, martyr, saint: Joan of Arc has captivated imaginations around the world for centuries. The legendary heroine of a tumultuous episode from the Hundred Years' War, Joan led the French army to triumph over the English at the Siege of Orléans in 1429. Two years later the 19-year-old was captured by the enemy and their French collaborators, charged with heresy, and burned a...

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  • Wisdom of Life, The
    Schopenhauer, Arthur
    A leading German metaphysician of the 19th century, Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860) exerted an influence far beyond the hermetic world of philosophy, with adherents ranging from Richard Wagner and Friedrich Nietzsche to Leo Tolstoy and Thomas Mann. Among Schopenhauer's chief contributions to the field of philosophy are his rejection of the idealism of his contemporaries and his...

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  • Dance of Death, The
    Holbein, Hans
    Hans Holbein the Younger (1497-1543), remembered today for his insightful portraits, was better known in his own time for his varied and extensive graphic works, the most celebrated of which was The Dance of Death. This work, from the woodblocks of collaborator Hans Lützelburger, was first published in book form in 1538.The theme of the dance of death was a popular one of the s...

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  • Creative Mind, The
    Bergson, Henri
    The final published book by Nobel Prize-winning author and philosopher Henri Bergson (1859-1941), La pensée et le mouvant (translated here as The Creative Mind), is a masterly autobiography of his philosophical method. Through essays and lectures written between 1903 and 1923, Bergson retraces how and why he became a philosopher, and crafts a fascinating critique of philosophy ...

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  • Great Physicists from Galileo to Einstein,...
    Gamow, George
    Widely recognized as one of the 20th century's foremost physicists, George Gamow was also an unusually capable popularizer of science. His talents are vividly revealed in this exciting and penetrating explanation of how the central laws of physical science evolved -- from Pythagoras' discovery of frequency ratios in the 6th century B.C. to today's research on elementary particl...

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  • Poetic Edda, The
    Bellows, Henry Adams
    Passed down long ago from poet to poet and singer to singer in the great oral tradition of Scandinavia, this collection of heroic sagas explores a mythical world. Incorporating legends of Norse gods and heroes, great fires and floods, superhuman warriors and doomed lovers, these dramatic poems weave vivid portraits of powerful characters caught up in passion, ambition, and dest...

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