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  • White Dominican, The
    Meyrink, Gustav
    The White Dominican is Meyrink's most esoteric novel, and draws on the wisdom of a number of mystical traditions, the most important of which is Tao. It is set in a mystical version of the Bavarian town of Wassserburg which sits on a promontory surrounded on three sides by the river Inn. The novel describes the spiritual journey of the simple hero, who, guided by a number of fi...

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  • Music At The Court Of Emperor Maximilian I...
    Heinrich Isaac A1 Imperii ProceresA2 Carmen In Fa A3 Fortuna In Mi A4 An Buos A5 La Morra A6 Innsbruck, Ich Muß Dich LassenA7 A La Bataglia A8 Guretzsch (Si Dormiero) A9 J'Ay Pris Amours A10 Fortuna Desperata A11 Sancti Spiritus Assit Nobis GratiaAnton Brumel B1 Tandernac B2 Noe Noe Anon. B3 En L’Ombre Du Busonet Josquin Desprez B4 Coment Peult Pierre De Larue B...

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