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  • Haas Brothers
    The Haas Brothers / Dern, Laura / Gallo, Vincent
    In a meteoric rise to fame, the Los Angeles–based Haas Brothers have garnered international accolades for their set design and props for print and video, one-of-a-kind fashion works and their highly original furniture and object designs. Their exploration and mastery of materials—ranging from brass, bronze, porcelain and fur to highly technical resins and polyurethane—matched w...

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  • Ghosts of Ellis Island, The
    JR / Spiegelman, Art
    The Unframed Ellis Island project is about bringing alive the memory of Ellis Island, the entry point to America for millions of immigrants. Coming from all over the world, leaving their belongings, their family and their past behind them, with the fear that they may be sent back to it, the presence of these people who have shaped the modern American identity can still be felt ...

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  • Michael Stipe
    Stipe, Michael
    Portraits of resilience and vulnerability, with QR-linked audio of comments and anecdotes from StipeIn this third, photo-based chapter of the Damiani series, Michael Stipe explores strength, courage and vulnerability, pausing the project abruptly due to the COVID-19 pandemic. What follows is a lockdown interpretation of a 21st-century portrait, with a resolute desire to show ou...

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  • Nebula
    Roberts, Jacqueline

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  • Sights in the City: New York Street...
    Shabazz, Jamel
    During the summer of 1980, under the direction of his father, a photographer, Jamel Shabazz armed himself with a Canon AE1 SLR camera and passionately photographed the urban landscape that he called home. New York City—the city that never sleeps—was the ideal epicenter to photograph because of its 24-hour subway system and the many businesses that are open late into the night. ...

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  • John Serverson's Surf
    Severson, John
    John Severson (born 1933) revolutionized pop culture's vision of surfing and surf culture through his prolific artistic output that transverses decades and disciplines. He began his career as a painter, selling his canvases at Long Beach State College. These first works consisted of oil paintings, photographs, drawings and prints relating to Hawaiian and Californian surf cultur...

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  • Derek Ridgers: 78-87 London Youth
    Ridgers, Derek

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  • Hip Hop: Portraits of an Urban Hymn
    Scheinbaum, David (Photographer) / Dyson, Michael Eric / Johnson, Gaye Theresa
    Since its inception in the 1970s, hip hop music and the culture surrounding it has become a hugely influential and popular musical form in America and around the world. Its popularity extends beyond the urban centers where it was born, and pervades and influences youth culture around the globe. However, few artists have created serious and powerful photographs that explore the ...

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  • Andres Serrano: Holy Works
    Celant, Germano

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  • Alexander McQueen
    Mcqueen, Alexander
    In 2008 Alexander McQueen commissioned photographer Nick Waplington to document the creation of his Fall 2009 collection--all the way from inception to runway showing. Unfortunately, it was to be the last Fall/Winter collection that McQueen would stage before his untimely death. This show, which he titled The Horn of Plenty, found McQueen revisiting his 15-year archive of work ...

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  • California Girls
    Eisenman, Sasha
    For American photographer Sasha Eisenman, California connotes a state of mind and a way of life, conjuring not only golden light, blue skies, beaches, deserts, canyons and mountains, but also one particular image: the California Girl. Sasha Eisenman: California Girls captures this icon and her environment, investigating her representations through nudes and seminudes against be...

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