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  • Bone
    Smith, Jeff

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  • Hansel and Gretel Standard Edition (A Toon...
    Gaiman, Neil
    Best-selling author Neil Gaiman and fine artist Lorenzo Mattotti join forces to create Hansel & Gretel, a stunning book that’s at once as familiar as a dream and as evocative as a nightmare. Mattotti’s sweeping ink illustrations capture the terror and longing found in the classic Brothers Grimm fairy tale. Neil Gaiman crafts an original text filled with his signature wit and pa...

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  • Clarence's Doodle Book for Clarence
    Elling, Brian / Matias, Ryan
    Write a symphony for Hornsby, make friends with worms, and tell the future with your feet before it's too late -- Future Clarence is counting on you!You know what's so great about keeping a journal? Writing in a journal is like taking a time machine to talk to yourself in the future! (Hi, Future Clarence! You're looking good!) ...

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  • Answer, The
    Sugar, Rebecca

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