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  • Evolution of Electronic Dance Music, The
    Kirn, Peter (Ed.)
    From its roots in 1970s New York disco and '80s Detroit techno to today's international, mainstream explosion of such genres as house, trance & dubstep, electronic dance music has reshaped the popular musical landscape. This book digs deep through the archives of Keyboard magazine to unearth the insider history of the art and technology of the EDM movement, written as it happen...

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  • Reckless Golden Yarn, The
    Funke, Cornelia
    Jacob Reckless continues to travel the portal in his father's abandoned study. His name has continued to be famous on the other side of the mirror, as a finder of enchanted items and buried secrets. His family and friends, from his brother, Will to the shape-shifting vixen, Fox, are on a collision course as the two worlds become connected. Who is driving these two worlds togeth...

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  • Roger Waters: The Man Behind the Wall
    Thompson, Dave
    To some, he is the face behind classic Pink Floyd. To others, he is the temperament behind some of the greatest albums of the rock era. And to others still, he is one of the most original songwriters of a generation that overflows with notable talent. To all, he is an enigma: a rock star who not only eschewed stardom but also spent much of his career railing against it. But to ...

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  • Story Of My Life, The (LP)
    Bacharach, Burt
    A1 Dionne Warwick– Don't Make Me OverA2 Tommy Hunt– I Just Don't Know What To Do With MyselfA3 Michael Holliday– The Story Of My LifeA4 Del Shannon– The Answer To EverythingA5 The Shirelles– Baby It's YouA6 The Drifters– Mexican DivorceA7 Dionne Warwick– This Empty PlaceA8 Jimmy Radcliffe– Long After Tonight Is All OverA9 Dionne Warwick– Wishing And HopingB1 Dionne Warwick– I S...

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  • Quentin Tarantino FAQ
    Sherman, Dale
    Quentin Tarantino is a man who came to Hollywood and didn't break the rules so much as make plain that he didn't even notice them. Making the films he wanted to see, Tarantino broke through with Reservoir Dogs in 1992 and then cemented his reputation in 1994 with the release of Pulp Fiction. As his fame grew, he spread his love for movies that are far from commonplace through h...

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  • Wildest Show At Tahoe (LP)
    Prima, Louis
    A1 On The Sunny Side Of The Street / Exactly Like YouA2 Foggy DayA3 How High The MoonA4 Angelina / Zooma ZoomaB1.a Don't Worry 'Bout MeB1.b I'm In The Mood For LoveB2 Come Back To SorrentoB3 I Gotta Right To Sing The BluesB4.a Robin HoodB4.b Oh Babe ...

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  • Faith: Coloured Edition (LP)
    Cure, The
    A1 The Holy HourA2 PrimaryA3 Other VoicesA4 All Cats Are GreyB1 The Funeral PartyB2 DoubtB3 The Drowning ManB4 Faith ...

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  • Top of the Mountain
    Jacobson, Laurie
    On a sweltering Sunday evening in August 1965, 56,000 people traveled by plane, car, bus, ferry, and subway train to pack New York's Shea Stadium. They were there not for a ballgame, but a rock and roll concert--the audacious dream of promoter Sid Bernstein. No band had ever played a baseball stadium, and few believed it could be pulled off, but on that glorious night, The Beat...

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  • Money Jungle (LP)
    Ellington, Duke / Mingus, Charles / Roach, Max
    A1 Money Jungle A2 Fleurette Africaine A3 Very Special A4 Warm Valley A5 Switch Blade A6 A Little Max (Parfait) B1 Wig Wise B2 CaravanB3 SolitudeB4 Rem Blues B5 Backward Country Boy Blues ...

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  • Somethin' Else (LP)
    Davis, Miles & Adderley, Cannonball
    A1 Autumn LeavesA2 Love For SaleA3 Autumn Leaves (Alternate Take)B1 Somethin' ElseB2 One For The Daddy-OB3 Dancing In The DarkB4 Allison's Uncle (aka Bangoon) ...

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  • Velvet Underground & Nico: Picture Disc (LP)
    Velvet Underground, The & Nico
    A1 Sunday MorningA2 I'm Waiting For The ManA3 Femme FataleA4 Venus In FursA5 Run, Run, RunA6 All Tomorrow's PartiesA7 I'll Be Your MirrorB1 HeroinB2 There She Goes AgainB3 The Black Angel's Death SongB4 European Son To Delmore SchwartzB5 Chelsea Girls ...

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  • Bass Book, The
    Bacon, Tony
    In California in the early '50s the Fender company introduced the world's first electric bass guitar. They couldn't have known known it then but the Precision Bass would start a revolution in the sound of popular music. This book explains how that revolution happened and how its reverberations are still felt today.THThe two-guitars-bass-and-drums lineup that would define pop mu...

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  • Fender, The
    Bacon, Tony

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  • Epiphone guitar book
    Carter, Walter

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  • The Band Photographs
    Landy, Elliott

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  • Electric Guitars Design and Invention
    Bacon, Tony

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  • Little Tables
    Lewis, Vanessa

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  • Fretless Bass, The
    Jisi, Chris

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  • Paul McCartney: Playing the Great Beatles...
    Bacon, Tony

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  • How the Fender Bass Changed the World
    Roberts, Jim

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  • Led Zeppelin - Day by Day
    Roberty, Marc

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  • Photographs of Janis Joplin
    Landy, Elliott
    Celebrated photographer Elliott Landy presents an intimate look at the legendary female singer-songwriter, Janis Joplin. Landy's iconic images of Janis, both on the road and in concert, capture and preserve her pure essence as well as her onstage magnificence. Photographs of Janis Joplin: On the Road & On Stage features beautifully reproduced large format images, many never bef...

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