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  • Don McCullin
    McCullin, Don

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  • Florence Henri
    Henri, Florence / Gili, Marta / Zelich, Cristina
    Florence Henri’s work occupied a central place in the world of avant-garde photography in the late 1920s, and this survey pays homage to her essential, but under-recognized contribution. This comprehensive publication offers an unprecedented overview of Henri’s work, produced between 1927 and 1940, and includes her iconic self-portraits and still lifes as well as lesserknown po...

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  • Dorothea Lange
    Lange, Dorothea
    The Aperture Masters of Photography Series has become a touchstone of Aperture's longstanding commitment to introducing the history and art of photography to a broader public. Each volume provides an ongoing comprehensive view of the artists who have helped shape the medium. Initially presented as the History of Photography Series in 1976, the first volume featured Henri Cartie...

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  • New Black Vanguard, The
    Sargent, Antwaun / Addy, Campbell / Bobb-Willis, Arielle / Carter, Micaiah / Erizku, Awol / Leuba, Namsa / Medrano, Renell / Mitchell, Tyler
    In The New Black Vanguard: Photography between Art and Fashion, curator and critic Antwaun Sargent addresses a radical transformation taking place in fashion and art today. The featuring of the Black figure and Black runway and cover models in the media and art has been one marker of increasingly inclusive fashion and art communities. More critically, however, the contemporary ...

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  • Berenice Abbott
    Abbott, Berenice
    An innovative documentary photographer, Berenice Abbott pioneered scientific images and photographed the fast-changing landscape of her times. Abbott studied journalism for a year in Ohio before moving to New York in 1918 to study sculpture, where she met Marcel Duchamp and Man Ray. She later moved to France in the 1920s and worked for Ray in his portrait studio before setting ...

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  • Josef Koudelka: Exiles
    Koudelka, Josef / Milosz, Czeslaw
    About Exiles, Cornell Capa once wrote, "Koudelka's unsentimental, stark, brooding, intensely human imagery reflects his own spirit, the very essence of an exile who is at home wherever his wandering body finds haven in the night. " In this newly revised and expanded edition of the 1988 classic, which includes ten new images and a new commentary with Robert Delpire, Koudelka's w...

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  • Edward Weston
    Weston, Edward
    This classic monograph, first issued as a hardcover in 1965, began its life in 1958 as a monographic issue of Aperture magazine published in celebration of Weston's life. Drawing on a decades-long collaboration between the photographer and Nancy Newhall, Aperture cofounder and early MoMA curator, this volume brings together a sequence of images and excerpts from Weston's writin...

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  • Diane Arbus An Aperture Monograph
    Israel, Marvin (Ed.)
    When Diane Arbus died in 1971 at the age of 48, she was already a significant influence--even something of a legend--for serious photographers, although only a relatively small number of her most important pictures were widely known at the time. The publication of Diane Arbus: An Aperture Monograph in 1972--along with a posthumous retrospective at The Museum of Modern Art--offe...

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