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  • Cursed Bunny
    Chung, Bora
    FINALIST FOR THE 2023 NATIONAL BOOK AWARD IN TRANSLATED LITERATUREA wildly original debut from a rising star of Korean literature—surreal, chilling fables that take on the patriarchy, capitalism, and the reign of big tech with absurdist humor and a (sometimes literal) bite. From an author never before published in the United States, Cursed Bunny is unique and imaginative, blend...

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  • Furia
    Mendez, Yamile Saied
    A powerful, #ownvoices contemporary YA for fans of The Poet X and I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter set in Argentina, about a rising soccer star who must put everything on the line--even her blooming love story--to follow her dreams. In Rosario, Argentina, Camila Hassan lives a double life.At home, she is a careful daughter, living within her mother's narrow expectations, ...

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  • His Only Wife
    Medie, Peace Adzo
    Afi Tekple is a young seamstress in Ghana. Smart and pretty, she has also been convinced by her mother to marry a man she doesn't know: a wealthy businessman named Elikem. His family has chosen Afi in the hopes that she will distract him from a current relationship they disapprove of. When Afi is moved from her small hometown to live in Accra, Ghana's gleaming capital full of w...

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  • Facing the Music
    Brown, Larry
    Facing the Music, Larry Brown’s first book, was originally published in 1988 to wide critical acclaim. As the St. Petersburg Times review pointed out, the central theme of these ten stories "is the ageless collision of man with woman, woman with man--with the frequent introduction of that other familiar couple, drinking and violence. Most often ugly, love is nevertheless gracef...

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  • Democracia hacker
    Ramos, Cesar

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  • Purple Hibiscus
    Adichie, Chimamanda Ngozi

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  • Furia
    Méndez, Yamile Saied
    In Rosario, Argentina, Camila Hassan lives a double life. At home, she is a careful daughter, living within her mother’s narrow expectations, in her rising-soccer-star brother’s shadow, and under the abusive rule of her short-tempered father. On the field, she is La Furia, a powerhouse of skill and talent. When her team qualifies for the South American tournament, Camila gets...

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  • A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
    Joyce, James
    A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man portrays Stephen Dedalus’s Dublin childhood and youth, providing an oblique self-portrait of the young James Joyce. At its center are questions of origin and source, authority and authorship, and the relationship of an artist to his family, culture, and race. Exuberantly inventive, this coming-of-age story is a tour de force of style and ...

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  • Drunken Botanist, The
    Stewart, Amy
    This masterpiece of science (and mathematical) fiction is a delightfully unique and highly entertaining satire that has charmed readers for more than 100 years. The work of English clergyman, educator and Shakespearean scholar Edwin A. Abbott (1838-1926), it describes the journeys of A. Square, a mathematician and resident of the two-dimensional Flatland, where women-thin, stra...

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  • Joe
    Brown, Larry

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  • Dirty Work
    Brown, Larry
    Dirty Work is the story of two men, strangers--one white, the other black. Both were born and raised in Mississippi. Both fought in Vietnam. Both were gravely wounded. Now, twenty-two years later, the two men lie in adjacent beds in a VA hospital.Over the course of a day and a night, Walter James and Braiden Chaney talk of memories, of passions, of fate. With great vision, humo...

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  • Letter to a Stranger
    Kinder, Coleen
    Sixty-five extraordinary writers grapple with this mystery: How can an ephemeral encounter with a stranger leave such an eternal mark?When Colleen Kinder put out a call for authors to write a letter to a stranger about an unforgettable encounter, she opened the floodgates. The responses—intimate and addictive, all written in the second person—began pouring in. These short, ins...

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  • How Do You Live?
    Yoshino, Genzaburo
    The first English translation of the classic Japanese novel that has sold over 2 million copies—a childhood favorite of anime master Hayao Miyazaki (Spirited Away, My Neighbor Totoro, Howl’s Moving Castle), with an introduction by Neil Gaiman. First published in 1937, Genzaburo Yoshino’s How Do You Live? has long been acknowledged in Japan as a crossover classic for young reade...

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