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  • After The Future
    Berardi, Franco
    After the Future explores our century-long obsession with the concept of "the future." Beginning with F. T. Marinetti's "Futurist Manifesto" and the worldwide race toward a new and highly mechanized society that defined the "Century of Progress," highly respected media activist Franco Berardi traces the genesis of future-oriented thought through the punk movement of the early '...

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  • Alice (2 LP)
    Waits, Tom
    A1.- AliceA2.- Everything You Can ThinkA3.- Flower's GraveA4.- No One Knows I'm GoneA5.- KommienezuspadtB1.- Poor EdwardB2.- Table Top JoeB3.- Lost In The HarbourB4.- We're All Mad HereB5.- Watch Her DisappearC1.- ReeperbahnC2.- I'm Still HereC3.- Fish & BirdC4.- BarcarolleC5.- Fawn ...

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  • Dreams Of Freedom
    Flores Magon, Ricardo
    Along with Emiliano Zapata, Ricardo Flores Magón (b. 1874) is regarded as one of the most important figures of the Mexican Revolution. Through his newspaper Regeneración, he boldly criticized the injustices of the country's military dictatorship and worked to build the popular movement that eventually overthrew it. Exiled to the United States, Flores Magón continued to agitate ...

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  • 100 Lovers (LP)
    1.- The Alley 2.- All The Sand In All The Sea 3.- 100 Other Lovers 4.- The Common Good 5.- The Man From San Sebastian6.- Exhaustible 7.- Bad Luck Heels 8.- Ruthless 9.- Contrabanda 10.- Sunshine ...

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  • Scum Manifesto Rev/E
    First circulated on the streets of Greenwich Village in 1967, the SCUM Manifesto is a searing indictment of patriarchal culture in all its forms. Shifting fluidly between the worlds of satire and straightforward critique, this classic is a call to action a radical feminist vision for a different world. This is an update of the essential AK Press edition, with a new foreword.To ...

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