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  • Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook, The
    Bucholz, Dinah
    With this cookbook, dining a la Hogwarts is as easy as Banoffi Pie. With more than 150 easy-to-make recipes, tips, and techniques, you can indulge in spellbindingly delicious meals drawn straight from the pages of your favorite Potter stories, such as:Treacle Tart, Harry's favorite dessertMolly's Meat Pies, Mrs. Weasley's classic dishKreacher's French Onion SoupPumpkin Pasties,...

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  • Bar Cart Bible, The
    Adams Media
    Like with any good drink, the secret to creating a winning bar cart is to understand its components. The Bar Cart Bible breaks down these elements and provides you with the necessary information, including:300+ cocktail recipesBottles to have on handA glassware guideRequired equipmentMeasurement chartsDefinitions of bartending terminologyGarnish suggestionsMixology tips4 pieces...

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  • No cumpleaños en el Teatro de la Ciudad...
    Quezadas, Enrique / Ades, Jaime / Delgadillo, Fernando

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  • Forever Frida
    Cano-Murillo, Kathy
    Revel in the enduring legacy of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo-from the self-portraits, to the flower crown, to her iconic eyebrows-with this fun and commemorative book!With her colorful style, dramatic self-portraits, hardscrabble backstory, and verve for life, Frida Kahlo remains a modern icon, captivating and inspiring artists, feminists, and art lovers more than sixty years aft...

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  • Green Witch, The
    Murphy-Hiscock, Arin
    Discover the power of natural magic and healing through herbs, flowers, and essential oils in this guide to green witchcraft.At her core, the green witch is a naturalist, an herbalist, a wise woman, and a healer. She embraces the power of nature; she draws energy from the Earth and the Universe; she relies on natural objects like stones and gems to commune with the land she liv...

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  • Grimoire
    Murphy-Hiscock, Arin
    Craft a home for your witchcraft knowledge, secrets, new spells, and divinations with this beautifully designed, customizable grimoire to elevate and advance your witchcraft practice.A grimoire is a book of magic, where a witch chronicles all of her spells, rituals, recipes, herbs, incantations, and magic tools. It is where she can record her craft and all keep all the knowledg...

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