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  • The Beatles White Album and the Launch of...
    Spizer, Bruce (Comp.)
    "The Beatles White Album and the Launch of Apple" is the tenth book on the Beatles by critically acclaimed Beatles author/historian Bruce Spizer. His latest book covers all aspects of the Beatles 1968 double album titled "The Beatles," but more commonly referred to as "The White Album" due to its pure white cover. The book opens with chapters of the start of Apple and the first...

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  • Beatles for Sale on Parlophone Records
    Spizer, Bruce

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  • Beatles Magical Mystery Tour and Yellow...
    Spizer, Bruce
    The Beatles Magical Mystery Tour and Yellow Submarine is the latest installment in the Beatles Album Series by Beatles historian Bruce Spizer. The book covers the songs and projects undertaken by the Beatles shortly after completion of their album Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band in April 1967. In following ten months, the group wrote and recorded the song "All You Need Is...

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