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  • 50 Years of Rolling Stone: The Music,...
    Wenner, Jann S. / Rolling Stone
    For the past fifty years, Rolling Stone has been a leading voice in journalism, cultural criticism, and—above all—music. This landmark book documents the magazine’s rise to prominence as the voice of rock and roll and a leading showcase for era-defining photography. From the 1960s to the present day, the book offers a decade-by-decade exploration of American music and history. ...

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  • Annie Leibovitz
    Sante, Luc / Wenner, Jann S. / Leibovitz, Annie (fotografías)
    For more than half a century, Annie Leibovitz has been taking culture-defining photographs. Her portraits of politicians, performers, athletes, businesspeople, and royalty make up a gallery of our time, imprinted on our collective consciousness by both the singularity of their subjects and Leibovitz's inimitable style.The catalogue to an installation at the LUMA Foundation in A...

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  • Rolling Stone 50 Years of Covers: A...
    Wenner, Jann S.
    For the past 50 years, the covers of Rolling Stone have depicted the icons of popular culture—from John Lennon, Bob Dylan, the Rolling Stones, Madonna, and Steve Martin to Rihanna, Louis C.K., Adele, Radiohead, and Barack Obama—cementing their legendary and influential status within popular culture. No other magazine has the illustrious history and prestige of having defined po...

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