Ride The Lightning: Box Set (6 CD+3 LP+1 DVD)

Ride The Lightning: Box Set (6 CD+3 LP+1 DVD)


$4,366.00 MXN


Ride The Lightning

A1 Fight Fire With Fire
A2 Ride The Lightning
A3 For Whom The Bell Tolls
A4 Fade To Black
B1 Trapped Under Ice
B2 Escape
B3 Creeping Death
B4 The Call Of Ktulu

Live At The Hollywood Palladium, Los Angeles, CA - March 10th,1985

C1 The Ecstasy Of Gold
C2 Fight Fire With Fire
C3 Ride The Lightning
C4 Phantom Lord
D1 (Anesthesia) - Pulling Teeth
D2 For Whom The Bell Tolls
D3 No Remorse
E1 Fade To Black
E2 Seek & Destroy
F1 Creeping Death
F2 Am I Evil?
F3 Motorbreath

Creeping Death EP

G1 Creeping Death 6:36
H1 Am I Evil? 7:45
H2 Blitzkrieg 3:35
Ride The Lightning

CD1-1 Fight Fire With Fire
CD1-2 Ride The Lightning
CD1-3 For Whom The Bell Tolls
CD1-4 Fade To Black
CD1-5 Trapped Under Ice
CD1-6 Escape
CD1-7 Creeping Death
CD1-8 The Call Of Ktulu

Interviews & Radio IDs

CD2-1 Metal Force Magazine Interview With Lars
CD2-2 WUSC Cleveland Radio Interview With Cliff & Kirk
CD2-3 Metal Madness Interview With Lars

Demos & Rough Mixes From Lars' Vault

CD3-1 Ride The Lightning (Studio Demo)
CD3-2 When Hell Freezes Over ("The Call Of Ktulu") (Studio Demo)
CD3-3 Creeping Death (Studio Demo)
CD3-4 Fight Fire With Fire (Studio Demo)
CD3-5 Ride The Lightning (Garage Demo)
CD3-6 When Hell Freezes Over ("The Call Of Ktulu") (Garage Demo)
CD3-7 Fight Fire With Fire (Garage Demo)
CD3-8 Ride The Lightning (Boom Box Demo)
CD3-9 Blitzkrieg (Rhythm Track Rough Mix)
CD3-10 Am I Evil? (Rhythm Track Rough Mix)

Live At Kabuki Theatre, San Francisco, CA - March 15th, 1985

CD4-1 Fight Fire With Fire
CD4-2 Ride The Lightning
CD4-3 Phantom Lord
CD4-4 The Four Horsemen
CD4-5 (Anesthesia) - Pulling Teeth
CD4-6 For Whom The Bell Tolls
CD4-7 No Remorse
CD4-8 Fade To Black
CD4-9 Creeping Death
CD4-10 Guitar Solo
CD4-11 Am I Evil?
CD4-12 Motorbreath

Live At The Lyceum Theatre, London, UK - December 20th, 1984

CD5-1 Phantom Lord
CD5-2 The Four Horsemen
CD5-3 (Anesthesia) - Pulling Teeth
CD5-4 For Whom The Bell Tolls
CD5-5 No Remorse
CD5-6 The Call Of Ktulu
CD5-7 Seek & Destroy
CD5-8 Whiplash
CD5-9 Creeping Death
CD5-10 Guitar Solo
CD5-11 Metal Militia

Live At Castle Donington, UK - August 17th, 1985

CD6-1 Creeping Death
CD6-2 Ride The Lightning
CD6-3 For Whom The Bell Tolls
CD6-4 The Four Horsemen
CD6-5 Fade To Black
CD6-6 Seek & Destroy
CD6-7 Whiplash
CD6-8 Motorbreath

Rock/pop en inglés

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