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  • Classic Car
    Few things ignite such reverence as a classic car. With more than 250 iconic models from the 1940s to the early 1990s, photographed from every angle, this title is a glorious celebration of the stars in the classic car firmament.Classic Car brings you the story of more than 20 great marques, including household names Bentley, Mercedes, Ferrari, Cadillac and Aston Martin. Its la...

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  • Formula 1 Drive to Survive
    Codling, Stuart
    Whether you are a new or longtime Formula 1 fan, here is your ultimate, unofficial armchair companion to the popular Netflix series Formula 1: Drive to Survive, providing deeper insight into the players, tech, and history that drive the show’s plot points.F1 expert Stuart Codling is your guide to all things F1. The Formula 1 Drive to Survive Unofficial Companion is a feature-ri...

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  • Porsche 356
    Maltby, Gordon
    Porsche 356: 75th Anniversary relates the full story of Porsche’s original sports car from the first Gmund coupe to today’s beloved collector car.Ferdinand Porsche was a brilliant engineer who, prior to World War II, had been involved in a variety of significant automotive engineering developments including the first hybrid drive vehicles. From the early 1900s, Porsche was dev...

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  • Formula One 2023
    Jones, Bruce
    The World's Bestselling Grand Prix HandbookFormula 1 fans will be kept fully up to speed with detailed examinations of all the teams racing in 2023 (from Ferrari and Red Bull to Mercedes and Aston Martin), every driver in the competition (including Charles Leclerc, Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton), and all the tracks featured on the packed Grand Prix calendar, including the n...

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  • Auto America
    Zimmerman, John G.
    A glorious and nostalgic celebration of a defining period in American car culture—the 1950s to the 1970s, the golden age of Detroit’s icons of the road—when automobile design was at its peak and the car itself was synonymous with a vision of success in America.Auto America offers a compelling look at three decades (the 1950s, ’60s, and ’70s) of America’s fascination with the au...

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  • Grabado en madera, el
    Westheim, Paul

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  • Enciclopedia del caballo (2019)
    Hartley Edwards, Elwyn
    Un magnífico homenaje a todo lo relacionado con los equinos: en un extraordinario volumen, combina datos históricos, culturales y de cría, salud y cuidados.• Este libro exhaustivo presenta más de 150 razas y tipos de caballos y ponis, incluyendo todos los reconocidos por las sociedades ecuestres nacionales.• Se acompaña de maravillosas fotografías y resúmenes concisos sobre cad...

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  • Detroit Style
    Colman, Benjamin / Porter, William / Welburn, Edward
    Detroit, nicknamed Motor City, has always been a leader in car design. As the city became the center of the American automobile industry in the early 20th century, its studios became incubators for new ideas and new styles. This volume highlights the artistry and influence of Detroit designers working in the industry between 1950 and the present day, giving readers a sumptuousl...

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