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  • Já-já de Rius, El
    Gantus, Luis
    «Eduardo del Río, Rius, logró con su trabajo lo que ningún otro dibujante de humor en el mundo entero ha logrado: ser la voz de su país natal desenmascarando falsedades con su fino sentido del humor y sus consejos. Mi amigo, monero y maestro.» ...

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  • Five Nights at Freddy's, la novela...
    Cawthon, Scott
    Ha pasado ya un año desde los terribles sucesos acontecidos en Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, y Charlie está haciendo todo lo posible por seguir adelante. Ni la emoción por empezar en una nueva escuela pueden hacerla olvidar lo sucedido; siguen persiguiendola y atormentando las pesadillas de un asesino enmascarado y sus cuatro temibles animatrónicos. Charlie quiere creer que aquella e...

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  • Gulf, The
    Souza, Adam de
    Staring down the final days of high school, a group of friends run away from home in order to join a commune in this YA graphic novel for ages 14 and up. Stand by Me meets Catcher in the Rye by way of Skim.Ever since Oli found a pamphlet for a remote island commune as a kid, it’s all she can think about. Now that she’s nearing the end of high school, feeling frustrated with the...

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  • Libro-Diorama de los árboles, El
    Marsh, Steve
    Este volumen celebra la belleza y la abundancia del bosque. Exquisitas ilustraciones de hojas, frutos y ramas acompañan a un texto que describe las características de más de 50 especies de árboles de todo el mundo. Además, las partes extraíbles permiten revelar los contornos y transformar el libro en un diorama, una pequeña pieza de ingeniería de papel para los amantes de los á...

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  • Spine-Tingling Spider-Man
    Ahmed, Saladin / Ferreyra, Juan (illus.)
    The scariest Spider-Man story you’ve ever read!When a dangerous song takes all of New York City on a haunting journey through their dreams, a sleep-deprived Peter Parker must fight back his fears to face a threat unlike anything he has ever known! Because this time, his “Peter tingle” is a chill right down his spine! And if he can survive his encounter with the Sleep-Stealer – ...

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  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles X Stranger...
    Chittock, Cameron / Pe, Fero
    The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles meet the Stranger Things crew in this epic crossover graphic novel event that everybody has been waiting for!Eleven, Max, Dustin, Mike, Will, and Lucas are looking forward to a nonthreatening, fun-filled trip to New York City. With the gang hundreds of miles from Hawkins, they’re sure to catch a break this time! That is, until they encounter a t...

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  • Justice League Dark: Rebirth Omnibus
    Tynion IV, James / V, Ram / Martinez Bueno, Alvaro (illus.)
    The mystical Tree of Wonder has opened a gate to another world.The Justice League Dark, a team led by Wonder Woman featuring the monsters and magicians of the DC Universe, are humanity’s only hope.The last age of magic is upon us! Wonder Woman has gathered the DC Universe’s greatest and strangest to form a new Justice League Dark to protect the world at any cost. But is it too ...

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  • Mafalda presidenta
    Las tiras más contestatarias de Mafalda: para la risa y la reflexión, hoy más que nunca.Harta de la intolerancia, de que el mundo esté «manejado con los pies» y de que no haya manera de que los humanos nos pongamos de acuerdo, y convencida de que ella es tan ciudadana como la que más, Mafalda despliega lo mejor de sí misma en el análisis crítico de la realidad política y social...

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  • Hollywood Fashion
    Hajeski, Nancy J.
    Hollywood Fashion explores the art and legacy of the cinematic costume designer, starting with the birth of the modern motion picture industry on a prime piece of California real estate known as Hollywood.Readers will discover how film clothing evolved from actors selecting items from their home wardrobes to outfits customized for their roles -- everything from suits of armor t...

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  • Infinito en un junco, El
    Vallejo, Irene
    El infinito en un junco, de Irene Vallejo, es un canto extraordinario al amor por los libros que ha seducido a millones de personas en todo el mundo. Este libro sobre libros emprende otro vuelo en forma de adaptación gráfica a cargo del dibujante Tyto Alba, cuyas excepcionales ilustraciones nos trasladan a los campos de batalla de Alejandro Magno, los palacios de Cleopatra, las...

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  • Collecting Fashion
    Carl, Alexandra / Flaccavento, Angelo / Tsivrikos, Dimitrios
    An indispensable survey of the most important archival collections assembled by fashion’s key players.In order for fashion to march forward, it must possess the ability to look back. For the fashion obsessed, one’s archive is surely a testament to the act of preservation and, of course, a sophisticated symbol of taste. Archives take time to build, wardrobes or storage units pac...

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  • Deadpool: Badder Blood
    Liefeld, Rob / Bowers, Chad (illus.)
    Rob Liefeld returns—and he’s bringing some of Deadpool’s frenemies along for the ride!When the villainous Thumper returns to take out the man who created him, Wolverine and Cable step in for a daring rescue mission.But as Deadpool becomes embroiled in nefarious criminal machinations in Madripoor, will the trio be able to join forces—or will Thumper’s agenda put an end to their ...

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  • Flores para relajarse
    Fuentes, Carolina
    Colorea flores endémicas mientras tienes una cita contigo. ...

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  • Poetry Comics
    Snider, Grant
    Combining poetry and comics in a whole new way, this fun and imaginative book is perfect for poetry lovers and reluctant readers alike. From the cloud-gazing hours of early spring to the lost bicycles of late autumn, Grant Snider’s brilliantly illustrated Poetry Comics will take you climbing, floating, swimming, and tumbling through all the year’s ups, downs, and in-betweens. H...

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  • Deadpool vs. Wolverine
    Hama, Larry / Kubert, Adam (illus.)
    The Merc with a Mouth takes on the Mutant with the Muttonchops in their greatest battles—and occasional team-ups!Katanas and claws clash in their brutal first meeting—but when someone targets Weapon X survivors, Wolverine must ride to Deadpool’s rescue! Doctor Bong tolls for our heroes, then things get hairy over a werewolf!And when a bounty is placed on Logan’s head, guess who...

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  • Taka
    Jampole, Ryan
    Join Taka, the Notorious Delinquent, as she struggles to right her wrongs after unwittingly releasing a horde of evil robots. It’s tough being a hero.A new YA graphic novel for fans of the Kamen Rider series.Taka is no hero. The Notorious Delinquent has a bit of a reputation in her city, but after she accidentally unleashes a horde of evil robots, she begrudgingly takes up the ...

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  • Calvin and Hobbes Portable Compendium, The...
    Watterson, Bill
    The second set of books collecting Bill Watterson's timeless Calvin and Hobbes comics in a new portable format designed to introduce the timeless adventures of a boy and his stuffed tiger to a new generation of readers. Featuring nearly 500 comics presented chronologically from March 1987 to July 1988, this is the second set in a planned series of seven.Calvin and Hobbes is one...

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  • I Feel Awful, Thanks
    Pickle, Lara
    A lushly illustrated debut graphic novel that explores the hardfought journey of self-acceptance in a complex world of swirling emotions and powerful potions.Joana has dragons inside her. Can she tame them before they burn her life down?Joana is a young witch who secured her dream job with a coven in London, her favorite city, where she can dedicate herself to creating potions,...

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  • Little Book of Bottega Veneta
    Solá-Santiago, Frances
    Synonymous with fine craftsmanship and understated elegance, the House of Bottega Veneta is the go-to brand for those who love effortless chic. Since 1966, Bottega Veneta has stood out from the crowd, unique in its blend of timeless sophistication and contemporary edge. Known for the distinctive Intrecciato woven design and statement green, this Milan-based luxury brand is reno...

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  • Un millón de perezosos
    Mayo, Lulu
    Encuentra el entretenimiento y desconexión que necesita tu mente creativa entre un montón de criaturas mágicas.Dormilones, plantas y fiestas. Este libro para todas las edades te ayudará a hacer las preocupaciones a un lado junto a estos animales que pasan del sueño a la diversión en cada página. Aquí podrás explorar tus dotes artísticos mientras pasas las horas coloreando mundo...

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  • Mafalda para niñas y niños
    La sopa, el colegio, los amigos, los juegos, el amor, las peleas, los padres o los insufribles deberes...Por fin una edición exclusiva para iniciar a los más pequeños en la lectura y la pasión por unos personajes que los acompañarán durante toda la vida. ...

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  • La divina comedia de Dante
    Chwast, Seymour
    «Yo, Dante, voy a contar la historia de mi viaje al más allá, pero… ¿podré volver?»Ataviado con sombrero de fieltro y una pipa entre los dientes, el Dante de Seymour Chwast no puede ser más actual. Si La divina comedia se ha convertido en un clásico, quizá se deba a cuán poco se parece a la obra de los contemporáneos del autor, que no solo inventó un mundo como lo han hecho mu...

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  • Knight Terrors
    Williamson, Joshua / Porter, Howard / March, Guillem
    Horror devastates the DC Universe as its greatest heroes confront their worst nightmare in this terrifying epic, perfect for all fans of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman!When Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman find the body of one of their earliest enemies inside the Hall of Justice, their investigation takes them past the land of the living, beyond the land of the dead, and ...

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  • Fall Through
    Powell, Nate
    "Devastating and gorgeous," the New York Times Book Review proclaims. "Perhaps it’s a ghost story, perhaps it’s a fantasy story, but it’s refreshingly oblique. The images are heightened and stylized, the better to pass along that frisson so essential to punk art—rock or otherwise."Love and Rockets meets Russian Doll in this original, full-color graphic novel about an undergroun...

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  • Wildful
    Kurimoto, Kengo
    Discover the magic of the wilderness in this breathtaking graphic novel reminiscent of The Secret Garden.Poppy’s mother hasn’t been the same since Gran passed away. She stays inside and watches TV, unable to leave the couch. So maybe that’s why Poppy has started spending more time outside, taking her dog Pepper for walks around the neighborhood. When Pepper leads Poppy through ...

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  • Tomer Hanuka
    Hanuka, Tomer
    Tomer Hanuka is a NY Times best-selling artist and an award-winning illustrator based in New York City. His new monograph, Unknown Pleasures, collects both commissioned work and self-initiated projects from throughout his career including: magazine covers for the New Yorker and National Geographic; poster works for the vaunted Mondo Graphics; and book covers for Random House. I...

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  • Bill Ward
    Ward, Bill / Chun, Alex / Von Teese, Dita
    Bill Ward’s glamour girls were the staples of countless men’s and humor magazines, where they shared the pages with cult models like Bettie Page, Tina Louise, and Julie Newmar, and cartoons by fellow “good girl” artists such as Archie’s Dan Decarlo and Playboy’s Jack Cole. Imagine if you will, an innocent but stunning young woman boasting wildly exaggeratedly Barbie-like propor...

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  • Solo Leveling. Vol. 8
    h-goon / Chugong
    After his victory on Jeju Island, the top guilds are all clamoring to recruit Jinwoo Sung, the strongest S-rank hunter and the hero of Korea?a far cry from the hapless E-rank hunter he used to be. As exciting as each new development is, however, Jinwoo’s eager to finally get some answers, so an invitation from the system to return to the double dungeon that changed his life is ...

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  • Iris Van Herpen
    Van Herpen, Iris / Pitiot, Cloe / Swinton, Tilda
    Tribute to the most important fashion designer from the NetherlandsWidely heralded as one of fashion's most forward-thinking designers, Iris van Herpen seamlessly bridges the realms of fashion, nature, art, science and architecture. Iris van Herpen: Sculpting the Senses presents an overview of her work during the last sixteen years. It chronicles not only her most iconic design...

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  • How to Love
    Norris, Alex
    Una guía sobre cómo amar (y no morir en el intento)¿Qué haces cuando el enamoramiento se desvanece?, ¿cuando las mariposas que revoloteaban desaparecen?, ¿cuando tú y tu otra mitad ya no son compatibles?Necesitas una guía llena de humor y sabiduría sobre cómo entablar una relación contigo mismo y los demás: How to Love de Alex Norris, que regresa tras el éxito del webcómic Oh n...

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