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  • Georgia O’Keeffe
    Friedman, Samantha (ed.) / O’Keeffe, Georgia (art.)
    A revelatory new volume on the American modernist's lesser-known works on paper, reuniting many serial works for the first timeRecalling a charcoal she made in 1916, Georgia O'Keeffe later wrote, "I have made this drawing several times?never remembering that I had made it before?and not knowing where the idea came from." These drawings, and the majority of O’Keeffe’s works in c...

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  • Timelines of Art
    Savour iconic paintings such as Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper and Monet’s Waterlilies, and discover less well-known artists, styles, and movements the world over - from Indigenous Australian art to the works of Ming-era China. And explore recurring themes, such as love and religion, and important genres from Romanesque to Conceptual art, along the way. Timelines of Art provid...

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  • Giorgio de Chirico
    Benzi, Fabio
    Giorgio de Chirico was one of the most controversial and consequential artists of the twentieth century, a key member of the Paris avant-garde, he was a major influence on other artists, especially the nascent surrealists. His repertoire of motifs (empty arcades, elongated shadows, mannequins, trains), created images of forlorn emptiness that became iconic.Artists inspired by d...

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  • Caravaggio
    Graham-Dixon, Andrew
    Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio vivió la más oscura y peligrosa vida de entre los grandes maestros de la pintura. Los ambientes de Milán, Roma y Nápoles en los que Caravaggio se movió, y que Andrew Graham-Dixon describe magníficamente en este libro, son los de los cardenales y las prostitutas, los de la oración y la violencia. En las calles que circundaban iglesias y palacios...

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  • Surrealists in New York
    Darwent, Charles
    In 1957 the American artist Robert Motherwell made an unexpected claim: ‘I have only known two painting milieus well, the Parisian Surrealists, with whom I began painting seriously in New York in 1940, and the native movement that has come to be known as "abstract expressionism", but which genetically would have been more properly called "abstract surrealism".’Motherwell’s bold...

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  • Art Cat
    Smith Street Books
    Cats have been charming us with their indifference for as long as we’ve been sketching on canvas. In the background, on the table, or right at the forefront, cats of the past peer out from paintings and sketches, frescoes and prints across art history.Art Cat is a collection of these painted felines, featuring works from artists across the ages and continents. Japanese prints a...

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  • TabeGirl
    Powerfully cute! Jun's TabeGirls are the embodiment of what makes Japanese character designs so beloved, as they capture young ladies at their purest...while chowing down on scrumptious eats!Collecting nearly one-hundred full-color portraits from Jun's growing collection of web-illustrations, comics and promotional art, fans of the artist will have plenty tasty images to sink t...

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  • Fun With A Pencil
    Loomis, Andrew
    Andrew Loomis (1892-1959) is revered amongst artists - including comics superstar Alex Ross - for his mastery of drawing.His first book, Fun With a Pencil, published in 1939 is a wonderfully crafted and engaging introduction to drawing, cartooning, and capturing the essence of a subject all while having fun.With delightful step-by-step instruction from Professor Blook, Loomis's...

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  • Raphael
    Zöllner, Frank / Satzinger, Georg / Rohlmann, Michael / Hiller von Gaertringen, Rudolf
    Raphael (1483–1520) is considered the most important artist of the Italian High Renaissance alongside Michelangelo and Leonardo. In his short lifetime he created around one hundred paintings and numerous frescoes, including nine fresco cycles, on an unsurpassed variety of themes, from sensual female beauties, antique myths and portraits of wealthy Romans and church dignitaries ...

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  • Magic Mirror of M.C. Escher, The
    Ernst, Bruno
    Long before the first computer-generated 3-D images, Escher was a master of the third dimension. His lithograph Magic Mirror dates as far back as 1946. By taking such a title for the book, mathematician Bruno Ernst stressed the enrapturing spell Escher’s work invariably casts on those who see it. Ernst visited Escher every week for a year, systematically talking through his ent...

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  • Van Gogh in America
    Shaw, Jill
    Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890) is one of the most iconic artists in the world, and how he became a household name in the United States is a fascinating, largely untold story. Van Gogh in America details the early reception of the artist’s work by American private collectors, civic institutions, and the general public from the time his work was first exhibited in the United States...

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  • By Her Hand
    Detroit Institute of Arts
    Edited by Eve Straussman-Pflanzer and Oliver Tostmann; With contributions by Sheila Barker, Babette Bohn, Claude Douglas Dickerson III, Jamie Gabbarelli, Hilliard Goldfarb, Lara Lea Roney, Joaneath Spicer, Eve Straussman-Pflanzer and Oliver TostmannA brand new look at the extraordinary accomplishments of early modern Italian women artists.This generously illustrated volume surv...

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  • Vermeer's Maps
    Landsman, Rozemarijn
    Marcel Proust declared View of Delft by Johannes Vermeer (1632-1675) "the most beautiful painting in the world." Indeed, viewers have been captivated by Vermeer's extraordinary art since the 19th-century rediscovery of the Dutch painter. Maps, an intricate fusion of art and science, held an important and multifaceted place in the Netherlands in the 17th century and were of part...

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  • Gee Vaucher
    Binns, Rebecca
    As one of the people who defined punk's protest art in the 1970s and 1980s, Gee Vaucher (b. 1945) deserves to be much better-known. She produced confrontational album covers for the legendary anarchist band Crass and later went on to do the same for Northern indie legends the Charlatans, among others. More recently, her work was recognised the day after Donald Trump's 2016 elec...

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  • Art Is Life
    Saltz, Jerry
    Jerry Saltz is one of our most-watched writers about art and artists, and a passionate champion of the importance of art in our shared cultural life. Since the 1990s he has been an indispensable cultural voice: witty and provocative, he has attracted contemporary readers to fine art as few critics have. An early champion of forgotten and overlooked women artists, he has also ce...

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  • Dalí pantagruélico
    Castro Flórez, Fernando
    En 1565 Richard Breton edita en París Les Songes drolatiques de Pantagruel, una colección de 120 estampas grabadas en madera por un autor anónimo, que las firmó utilizando el nombre de Rabelais. El artista desconocido que grabó las estampas pudo ser François Desprez. Una selección de 25 estampas de Desprez fueron la inspiración directa de la serie de 25 litografías de Salvador ...

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  • Vacío y plenitud
    Cheng, Francois
    Vacío y plenitud es una de esas obras fundamentales que permiten acceder a la comprensión de la pintura china. Su autor, François Cheng, conocido especialista en poesía y pintura chinas, expone el desarrollo que, a lo largo de quince siglos, ha tenido la pintura en China, pero su estudio no es de carácter histórico sino filosófico. La primera parte explora el sistema de la pint...

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  • Monet
    Wildenstein, Daniel
    Junto con J.M.W. Turner, ningún artista se esforzó más que Claude Monet (1840-1926) en capturar en el lienzo la luz. De todos los impresionistas, fue el hombre del que Cézanne decía ""solo un ojo, pero ¡Dios mío, qué ojo!"", el hombre que se mantuvo completamente leal al principio de la fidelidad absoluta a la sensación visual, pintando directamente a partir del objeto.Se podrí...

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  • Diego Rivera's America
    Oles, James (ed.)
    Diego Rivera’s America revisits a historical moment when the famed muralist and painter, more than any other artist of his time, helped forge Mexican national identity in visual terms and imagined a shared American future in which unity, rather than division, was paramount.This volume accompanies a major exhibition highlighting Diego Rivera’s work in Mexico and the United State...

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  • Pequeña historia de la fotografía
    Benjamin, Walter
    La penetrante e inquieta mirada del filósofo y crítico de arte Walter Benjamin advirtió pronto la trascendencia de la fotografía y el cine. Desde su perspectiva, siempre interesada en lo social, Benjamin analiza en esta Pequeña historia de la fotografía (texto que apareció en la revista Die Literarische Welt el 18 y 25 de septiembre y el 2 de octubre de 1931), el por qué este i...

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  • España / Nueva España: El arte de la...
    Cuadriello, Jaime
    Este libro tiene dos objetivos. Por un lado, vincular la trayectoria de la pintura novohispana con las colecciones del Museo del Prado a través de un diálogo entre tópicos, transferencias y simultaneidades; por otro, entender las inflexiones de la tradición pictórica local mediante el análisis de la producción artística de cuatro figuras nodales, concretamente tres artistas pen...

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  • Monuments Man
    Rorimer, James J. / Rorimer, Louis / Rorimer, Anne
    James J. Rorimer, former director of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, became a leading figure in the art recovery unit known as the Monuments Men, an elite group imbedded in the US Army, who risked their lives during World War II to save Europe’s greatest artworks from Hitler’s grasp. In the film Monuments Men, Matt Damon’s character is based on Rorimer as he embarks on the worl...

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  • Bruegel. Obra pictórica completa. 40th Ed.
    Müller, Jürgen
    La vida y la época de Pieter Bruegel el Viejo (c. 1525-1569) estuvieron marcadas por el conflicto cultural. Fue testigo de guerras religiosas, del brutal mandato del duque de Alba como gobernador de los Países Bajos y de los efectos palpables de la Inquisición. A día de hoy, el artista flamenco continúa estando rodeado de misterio. No sabemos exactamente ni dónde ni cuándo naci...

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  • Keith Haring
    Deitch, Jeffrey
    A fascinating look at Keith Haring's New York City subway artwork from the 1980sCelebrated artist Keith Haring (1958-1990) has been embraced by popular culture for his signature bold graphic line drawings of figures and forms. Like other graffiti artists in the 1980s, Haring found an empty canvas in the advertising panels scattered throughout New York City's subway system, wher...

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  • Roar!
    Longshore, Ashley / Fürstenberg, Diane von (introduction)
    Ashley Longshore now turns her eye toward badass women throughout history with Roar! A Collection of Mighty Women. Longshore’s pop art paintings are never shy of daring; her art makes noise, and her singular portraits of legendary stateswomen, artists, and notable women from all walks of life include Marie Curie, Maya Angelou, Mother Teresa, Peggy Guggenheim, First Lady Michell...

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  • Los dibujos
    Los dibujos, de Franz Kafka. Pese a que se recuerdan más los escritos del autor checo, durante toda su vida se dedicó a dibujar con verdaderos deseos de transcender en el arte. En este libro se recuperan todos los dibujos que sobrevivieron a su muerte y a las respectivas purgas que él hacía de su trabajo, mostrando un Kafka con gran habilidad pict&oa...

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  • Frida Kahlo. The Complete Paintings
    Lozano, Luis-Martín / Kettenmann, Andrea / Ramos, Marina Vázquez
    Entre las pocas mujeres artistas que han trascendido en la historia del arte, ninguna tuvo un ascenso tan meteórico como la pintora mexicana Frida Kahlo (1907-1954). Varias generaciones han admirado su rostro inconfundible, representado en más de cincuenta autorretratos extraordinarios; estos, junto con cientos de fotografías tomadas por maestros de la talla de Edward Weston, M...

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  • Amalia Domingo Soler y el espiritismo de...
    Correa Ramón, Amelina
    Una mujer extraordinaria. La escritora española más destacada en el complejo ámbito del espiritismo de finales del XIX y primeros años del XX.Amalia Domingo Soler (Sevilla, 1835 - Barcelona, 1909) fue la escritora española más destacada en el complejo ámbito del espiritismo de finales del XIX y primeros años del XX, en el que sobresalen a nivel internacional nombres importantís...

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  • El "No sé qué" - Historia de una idea...
    Angelo, Paolo D' / Velotti, Stefano / Eds.)
    La historia de una noción estética fundamentalConfesión de ignorancia o de carencia de palabras, el no sé qué goza de una larga tradición, que abarca desde el mundo latino hasta la Europa moderna, y atraviesa la mística y la retórica, la psicología y la filosofía, la producción poética y la prosa.Como expresión de una vivencia en los límites de lo decible, el no sé qué (je ne ...

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  • James Ensor. El pintor de las máscaras
    Verhaeren, Émile
    El padre del surrealismo belgaAnticipándose a las vanguardias artísticas del siglo XX e inaugurando la gran tradición surrealista que recorre el arte belga, James Ensor (1860-1949) pronto empezó a crear un reino de máscaras, del que será rey, descubriendo un país, provincia a provincia, con sus sitios pintorescos y sus lugares terribles, con sus parajes tristes y sus rincones l...

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