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  • Murakami
    Allen, Laura W. (ed.) / Ikegami, Hiroko / Shiba, Masako / Murakami, Takashi
    This fresh look at artist Takashi Murakami takes on the “monstrous” themes of rampant consumerism, human fallibility, and the perils of life in the digital fast lane, in works from the past decade One of Japan’s leading contemporary artists, Takashi Murakami (b. 1962) is known for a wide-ranging practice that encompasses not only fine art but fashion, consumer products, curatio...

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  • A Little History of Music
    Philip, Robert
    A lively, engaging guide to music around the world, from prehistory to the present Human beings have always made music. Music can move us and tell stories of faith, struggle, or love. It is common to all cultures across the world. But how has it changed over the millennia? Robert Philip explores the extraordinary history of music in all its forms, from our earliest ancestors to...

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  • Wounded Storyteller, The
    Hoffmann, E. T. A.
    E. T. A. Hoffmann (1776–1822) was one of the greatest German Romantic authors of fantasy and a pioneer in the genre we now call Gothic horror. His innovative stories explore ideas of madness, genius, doppelgängers, artificial intelligence, and the boundaries between realities and dreams. Artist Natalie Frank and leading fairy-tale scholar Jack Zipes have joined forces in this l...

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  • Black Artists in America
    Lovelle Jenkins, Earnestine
    Exploring how artists at midcentury addressed the social issues of their day—from Jacob Lawrence to Elizabeth Catlett, Rose Piper to Charles White This timely book surveys the varied ways in which Black American artists responded to the political, social, and economic climate of the United States from the time of the Great Depression through the landmark Brown v. Board of Educa...

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  • Joan Mitchell
    Reoberts, Sarah (ed.) / Siegel, Kathy (ed.)
    A sweeping retrospective exploring the oeuvre of an incandescent artist, revealing the ways that Mitchell expanded painting beyond Abstract Expressionism as well as the transatlantic contexts that shaped herJoan Mitchell (1925–1992) was fearless in her experimentation, creating works of unparalleled beauty, strength, and emotional intensity. This gorgeous book unfolds the story...

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  • Why Marx Was Right
    Eagleton, Terry
    In this combative, controversial book, Terry Eagleton takes issue with the prejudice that Marxism is dead and done with. Taking ten of the most common objections to Marxism—that it leads to political tyranny, that it reduces everything to the economic, that it is a form of historical determinism, and so on—he demonstrates in each case what a woeful travesty of Marx's own though...

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  • Jasper Johns and Edward Munch
    Ravenal, John
    At a crucial point midway through his career, American painter and printmaker Jasper Johns (b. 1930) looked to the art of Norwegian Expressionist Edvard Munch (1863–1944) for inspiration. Munch’s innovative working methods and defining themes of love, anxiety, illness, and death infused Johns’s work with new meaning, allowing him a broadened range of expression that propelled h...

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  • Chanel: The Vocabulary of Style
    Gautier, Jerome
    Gabrielle Bonheur "Coco" Chanel (1883-1971) was undoubtedly the most influential fashion designer of the 20th century. Her clothes and accessories have remained perennially chic, and her legendary fashion house continues to exert a powerful sway over today's designers. Jérôme Gautier tells the story of Chanel's iconic style through hundreds of images, many taken by the leading ...

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  • Leonardo, Michelangelo, and the Art of the...
    Cole, Michael W.
    In late 1504 and early 1505, Leonardo da Vinci (1452–1519) and Michelangelo Buonarroti (1475–1564) were both at work on commissions they had received to paint murals in Florence’s City Hall. Leonardo was to depict a historic battle between Florence and Milan, Michelangelo one between Florence and Pisa. Though neither project was ever completed, the painters’ mythic encounter ...

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  • Existentialism Is Humanism
    Sartre, Jean-Paul
    It was to correct common misconceptions about his thought that Jean-Paul Sartre, the most dominent European intellectual of the post-World War II decades, accepted an invitation to speak on October 29, 1945, at the Club Maintenant in Paris. The unstated objective of his lecture (“Existentialism Is a Humanism”) was to expound his philosophy as a form of “existentialism,” a term ...

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  • Manus x Machina
    Bolton, Andrew
    The complex and often ambiguous relationship between the hand crafted and the machine made is examined in this intriguing look at the ever-changing world of fashion and taste. Manus x Machina traces styles of dress from one-of-a-kind works and haute couture created by highly skilled artisans, through the introduction of industrial manufacturing, to extraordinary recent technolo...

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  • Alexander McQueen
    Fairer, Robert
    Never-before-seen photos of McQueen’s brilliantly creative world from an exclusive backstage photographerAlexander McQueen, the iconic designer whose untimely death in 2010 left the fashion world reeling and fans worldwide clamoring for more, fused immense creativity, audacity, and a hauntingly dark aesthetic sense into powerful, unforgettable imagery. The strange, singular be...

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  • Edvard Munch: Between the Clock and the Bed
    Garrels, Gary
    A penetrating reassessment of Munch’s memorable painting and profound artistic legacy This engaging book offers a fresh look at the exceptional works of Edvard Munch (1863–1944) by examining them in the light of his precarious mental state. Following a nervous breakdown in 1908, Munch underwent electroshock therapy, which prompted a marked change in his art work. The haunting S...

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  • A Little History of the World
    Gombrich, E. H.
    E. H. Gombrich's A Little History of the World, an engaging and lively book written for readers both young and old, vividly brings the full span of human experience on Earth to life, from the stone age to the atomic age. Gombrich's text paints a colorful picture of wars and conquests; of grand works of art; of the advances and limitations of science; of remarkable people and re...

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  • The American Pre-Raphaelites
    Ferber, Linda S. / Anderson, Nancy K. / Barringer, Tim / Waggoner, Diane / Simon, Janice
    An illuminating look at how the Pre-Raphaelite movement was embraced by a group of vanguard American artistsBringing together insights from a distinguished group of scholars, this beautiful book analyzes the history and historiography of the American Pre-Raphaelites, and how the movement made its way from England to America. Led by Thomas Charles Farrer-an English expatriate an...

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  • Tintoretto
    Echols, Robert (Ed) / Frederick Ilchman (Ed)
    Published on the 500th anniversary of Tintoretto's birth, this unprecedented publication celebrates one of Renaissance Italy's greatest paintersJacopo Tintoretto (1518 or 1519-1594) was known for the remarkable energy of his work. His contemporary Giorgio Vasari described him as the "most extraordinary brain that painting has ever produced." Considered to be one of the three gr...

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  • Bald
    Critchley, Simon
    The moderator of the New York Times' Stone column and the author of numerous books on everything from Greek tragedy to David Bowie, Simon Critchley has been a strong voice in popular philosophy for more than a decade. This volume brings together thirty-five essays, originally published in the Times, on a wide range of topics, from the dimensions of Plato's academy and the myste...

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  • A Little History of Science
    Bynum, William
    A spirited volume on the great adventures of science throughout history, for curious readers of all agesScience is fantastic. It tells us about the infinite reaches of space, the tiniest living organism, the human body, the history of Earth. People have always been doing science because they have always wanted to make sense of the world and harness its power. From ancient Greek...

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  • 100 Poets
    Carey, John
    A poem seems a fragile thing. Change a word and it is broken. But poems outlive empires and survive the devastation of conquests. Celebrated author John Carey here presents a uniquely valuable anthology of verse based on a simple principle: select the one-hundred greatest poets from across the centuries, and then choose their finest poems.Ranging from Homer and Sappho to Donne ...

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  • Scene of the Crime
    Modiano, Patrick
    In his acclaimed semi-autobiographical novella Suspended Sentences, Patrick Modiano recounted a dramatic season in his childhood, of the home he shared with sinister surrogate parents, the mysterious events that took place there, and an infamous heist that was never solved. In Scene of the Crime, Modiano conjures the aftermath of those years. A decade has passed, and Jean Bosma...

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  • Seeing Mexico photographed
    Folgarait, Leon

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  • Tvllio lombardo

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  • A Little History of the World
    Gombrich, E.H. / Harper, Clifford (il.)

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  • Lyonel Feininger

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  • Ingres
    Siegfried, Susan L.

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  • A Little Book of Language
    Crystal, David

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  • Artist's Reality, The
    Rotko, Mark
    Mark Rothko’s classic book on artistic practice, ideals, and philosophy, now with an expanded introduction and an afterword by Makoto Fujimura Stored in a New York City warehouse for many years after the artist’s death, this extraordinary manuscript by Mark Rothko (1903–1970) was published to great acclaim in 2004. Probably written in 1940 or 1941, it contains Rothko’s ideas on...

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  • Art of Colour, The
    Grovier, Kelly
    As featured on BBC WorldwideA captivating new history of art told through the storied biographies of colors and pigmentsIn this refreshing approach to the history of color, Kelly Grovier takes readers on an exciting search for the intriguing and unusual. In Grovier’s telling, a color’s connotations are never fixed but are endlessly evolving. Knowledge of a pigment and its histo...

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  • Look at the Lights, My Love
    Ernaux, Annie
    A revelatory meditation on class and consumer culture, from 2022 Nobel laureate Annie ErnauxFor half a century, the French writer Annie Ernaux has transgressed the boundaries of what stories are considered worth telling, what subjects worth exploring. In this probing meditation, Ernaux turns her attention to the phenomenon of the big-box superstore, a ubiquitous feature of mode...

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  • Chloé
    Stoppard, Lou
    The brilliance of the house of Chloé is on full view in this panorama of catwalk photography, celebrating the brand’s seventy years of collections by leading designers including founder Gaby Aghion, Karl Lagerfeld, Phoebe Philo, and Stella McCartneyThis in-depth publication celebrates the glamor and sophistication of the house of Chloé. The book’s chapters follow the developmen...

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