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  • Ghosts of the Shadow Market
    Clare, Cassandra
    From New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Cassandra Clare comes an exciting new short story collection that follows Jem Carstairs as he travels through the many Shadow Markets around the world. Ghosts of the Shadow Market is a Shadowhunters novel.The Shadow Market is a meeting point for faeries, werewolves, warlocks, and vampires. There, the Downworlders buy and sell...

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  • Fluffy McWhiskers Cuteness Explosion
    Martin, Stephen W. / Tavis, Dan
    Friendship is hard for Fluffy, a kitten so precious that anyone who looks at her explodes!Meet Fluffy—an adorable kitten. So adorable, in fact, that anyone who sees her will spontaneously explode into balls of sparkles and fireworks. KABOOM! Poof.Poor Fluffy doesn’t want anyone to get hurt, but everything she tries, even a bad haircut, just makes her cuter! So Fluffy runs away ...

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  • Way I Used to Be, The
    Smith, Amber
    Eden was always good at being good. Starting high school didn’t change who she was. But the night her brother’s best friend rapes her, Eden’s world capsizes.What was once simple, is now complex. What Eden once loved (who she once loved), she now hates. What she thought she knew to be true, is now lies. Nothing makes sense anymore, and she knows she’s supposed to tell someone wh...

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  • Queen of air and Darkness. Book 3
    Clare, Cassandra
    All first editions will include exclusive reverse-printed jacket art, ten black and white interior illustrations, and a new short story!Dark secrets and forbidden love threaten the very survival of the Shadowhunters in Cassandra Clare’s Queen of Air and Darkness, the final novel in the #1 New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling The Dark Artifices trilogy. Queen of Air and Dark...

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