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  • Painters Of The Sacred Heart, The
    Ruckdeschel, Annabel / Hans, Henrike / Kittelmann, Udo
    The first substantial publication on the self-taught French painters whose works tell an alternate story of modernismBy day, they were customs officers, gardeners or carnival wrestlers; by night, they were self-taught painters, working independently, who created their own fantastic worlds of imagery. Sometimes characterized as “naïve” or “outsider” artists, Henri Rousseau (1844...

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  • Hilma af Klint
    Kint, Hilma af (art.) / Fischer, Ernst Peter / Hillström, Ylva / Hoegsberg, Milena
    With new scholarship, this volume casts af Klint as a pioneering cosmonaut of inner spaceFor decades a relatively unknown artist, Hilma af Klint has posthumously claimed her rightful place in art history recently but dramatically: her 2019 exhibition at the Guggenheim Museum was seen by more than half a million visitors. In 2013, curator Iris Muller-Westermann organized the fir...

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  • Marcel Dzama
    Zwirner, David (ed.)
    Eclectic and fantastic – the unique artistic world of the Canadian artistMarcel Dzama (*1974 in Winnipeg) is known for his prolific drawings, which are characterized by their distinctive palette and subject matter. He has recently expanded his practice to encompass film and three-dimensional works, thus developing an immediately recognizable language that draws from a diverse r...

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  • Steve Schapiro: Then and Now
    Schapiro, Steve
    Steve Schapiro (born 1934) is the photographer behind countless now-classic portraits of rock stars, film stars and politicians from the 1960s and 70s. He has worked as a film set photographer on more than 200 Hollywood movies; he has designed several iconic film posters, most notably for Midnight Cowboy, Taxi Driver and The Godfather Part III; and as a documentary photographer...

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  • Fred Herzog: Modern Color
    Herzog, Fred
    Fred Herzog is best known for his unusual use of color photography in the 1950s and 1960s, a time when art photography was almost exclusively associated with black-and-white imagery. In this respect, his photographs can be seen as prefiguring the New Color photographers of the 1970s. The Canadian photographer worked largely with Kodachrome slide film for over 50 years, and only...

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  • Orlando
    Hamilton, Rod / Suero, Jim
    Orlando Suero (*1925) started snapping photos with the Kodak Jiffy his father gave him in 1939. He later attended NY Institute of Photography and worked at camera shops and photo labs including Compo Photo Color where he printed the images for Edward Steichen's monumental exhibition, The Family of Man. One of his first assignments was to spend five days in May 1954 with newlywe...

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  • Picasso: Blue and Rose Periods
    Fondation Beyeler Pablo Picasso
    u003cpu003eu003cbu003eCharting Picasso's journey from the bohemians of the Blue Period to the Rose Period's acrobats and ingenues, this book celebrates some of the 20th century's most beloved masterpiecesu003c/bu003eu003cbru003ePublished for the most ambitious exhibition ever staged by the Fondation Beyeler, this book is devoted to the paintings and sculptures of the young Pabl...

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  • Andy Warhol: Unique
    Schellmann, Joerg
    Andy Warhol silkscreened the Mona Lisa on canvas thirty times and casually titled it Thirty Are Better Than One; his ten-pack portfolio of Marilyn Monroe enjoyed wide circulation. Yet, over the course of his career he also developed a surprisingly contradictory strategy. Before producing his silkscreen editions, Warhol made numerous trial proofs, trying out different color comb...

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  • Martinez Celaya : Sea, Sky, Land
    Martínez Celaya, Enrique (ed.)
    This book brings together a selection of paintings and sculptures by internationally renowned artist Enrique Martínez Celaya from 2005 to the present. Since his installation Schneebett at the Berlin Philharmonie in 2004, his work has changed formally, but it has remained intellectually and emotionally challenging. Born in Cuba and now living in Los Angeles, Martínez Celaya comb...

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  • Tom Warren
    Haba, Gregory de la / Haden-Guest, Anthony / Krutzler, Helga
    The 1980s in New York were an ambivalent time: on the one hand, the city was marked by high crime and the AIDS crisis; on the other hand, the economy was booming, helping its profiteers to live decadently. Artists and cultural workers were attracted to the city of contrasts. They dealt critically with issues such as politics and gentrification, but also enjoyed a hedonistic lif...

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  • Stefan Koppelkamm
    Koppelkmanm, Stefan

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  • Paul Cezanne A-Z
    Rubin, James H.

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  • Picasso Friends and Family
    Frei, Wolfgang / Quinn, Edward (photog.)

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  • World Press Photo Yearbook 2023
    World Press Photo
    Award-winning photographs and stories from the 66th annual World Press Photo ContestSince 1955, the annual World Press Photo Contest has set the standard in visual journalism. The 2023 Yearbook showcases the most striking press photographs and compelling reports from 2022, carefully selected from thousands of entries by six regional and one global jury of acclaimed independent ...

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  • Dialectic Of Creativity
    Vaske, Hermann (ed.) / Kaplan, Max
    Creative artists from David Bowie to Zaha Hadid address the tensions and contradictions of makingWhy are we creative? Why are we not? In The Dialectic of Creativity, film director, author and producer Hermann Vaske explores these questions in conversations with Marina Abramovic, Vivienne Westwood, David Hockney, Georg Baselitz, Björk, Jeff Koons, Zaha Hadid, Christo, Yoko Ono, ...

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  • Paul Klee
    Eggelhoefer, Fabienne
    Back in print, the most authoritative overview on the beloved Bauhaus Renaissance man and pioneer of abstraction, the first artist to "take a line for a walk"The many books on Paul Klee (1879-1940) published over the years should not obscure the fact that there has been no new, comprehensive Klee overview since Will Grohmann’s oft-reprinted 1954 monograph. With Paul Klee: Life ...

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  • Edward Hopper
    Küster, Ulf (ed.i)
    A fresh look at Hopper’s iconic vision of the American landscape?its gas stations, diners and highwaysEdward Hopper’s world-famous, instantly recognizable paintings articulate an idiosyncratic view of modern life, unfolding in a world of lonely lighthouses, gas stations, movie theaters, bars and hotel rooms. With his impressive subjects, independent pictorial vocabulary and vir...

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  • Late Gothic
    Chapuis, Julien (Ed.)
    From roughly the 1430s onward, inspired by developments in the Netherlands, artistic expression began to transform, as the depiction of light and shade, body and space came to be depicted with increasing realism. With advances in printing techniques, these innovations found mass distribution. Artists such as Nicolaus Gerhaert and Martin Schongauer became widely known and influe...

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  • Close Up
    Vischer, Theodora / Beyer, Andreas / Garb, Tamar
    The portrait offers the possibility of observation and introspection, and is at the same time one of the most private and representative artistic genres. But what distinguishes the specifically female gaze? On the occasion of the major fall exhibition 2021 at Fondation Beyeler, this catalog brings together nine women artists from Europe and America from the beginning of moderni...

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  • Spektrum
    Sannwald, Daniel
    German photographer Daniel Sannwald (born 1979) produces magical, surreal and colorful images for magazines such as Dazed and Confused, i-D, PoP, Arena Homme+ and Vogue. This publication, developed in collaboration with the art director Nicolás Santos, assembles Sannwald's best works from recent years. ...

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  • Flemish Masters, The
    Depoorter, Matthias
    A fresh look at the astounding innovations of Netherlandish Renaissance painting through 48 case studiesThis sumptuous publication opens our eyes afresh to the revolution that took place in the Low Countries in the 15th and 16th centuries, and which shaped the course of European art. In 48 lavishly illustrated analyses, Matthias Depoorter explores how painters such as Jan van E...

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  • Chaïm Soutine: Against the Current
    Gaensheimer, Susanne (ed.) / Meyer-Büser, Susanne (ed.) / Soutine, Chaim (art.)

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