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  • Watching Women & Girls
    Pender, Danielle
    From lost friendships to infidelity and complex romances, to motherhood and family dynamics, Watching Women & Girls is a sharp and moving exploration into complexities of the female experience.Told through twelve powerful short stories, Danielle Pender offers an expansive lens into the ways in which the world watches women and how we very rarely see the truth that is right in f...

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  • Zeros and Ones
    Plant, Sadie
    A highly contentious, very readable and totally up-to-the-minute investigation of women's natural relationship with modern technology, an association which, Plant argues, will trigger a new sexual revolution.Zeros and Ones is an intelligent, provocative and accessible investigation of the intersection between women, feminism, machines and in particular, information technology. ...

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  • How to Lose a Country
    Temelkuran, Ece
    How to Lose a Country is an impassioned plea, a warning to the world that populism and nationalism don't march fully-formed into government; they creep. Award winning author and journalist Ece Temelkuran, identifies the early-warning signs of this phenomenon, sprouting up across the world from Eastern Europe to South America, in order to define a global pattern, and arm the rea...

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