Sweet 18

Sweet 18

Fouquet, Emmanuel D.

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Emmanuel Fouquet wanted to learn a profession in which being surrounded by beautiful women is part and parcel of the job. He left the Savoy Alps in 1991 and traveled to Paris, coming under the wing of Christian Chauveau. This famous man trained Emmanuel in the skills of the make-up artist. Emmanuel's first assignments were tough, low-paid jobs, which came his way via various model agencies. Until, that is, he took the plunge and decided to go to America. Prompted by an invitation from renowned Penthouse photographer Hank Londoner, he soon got to know others in his profession. He also acted as an agent for Londoner, for Suze Randall and Vivian Thomas as well. He used the sessions to watch and learn how the artists worked. Thus began a meteoric career, and today his photos grace the covers of Penthouse, Hustler, Private, and other magazines, including many erotic calendars currently circulating in Europe. Enjoy the magic of his pictures!

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Fotografía erótica
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