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  • Wolverine & the X-Men (Vol.2)
    Latour, Jason / Rugg, Jim / Harren, James / Rodriguez, Robbi
    Melita Garner returns - and she's got something on Logan that throws the entire school into uproar. But little does Melita know she's also drawn the attention of the Red Right Hand! Meanwhile, Logan and Storm go on a long-overdue date - but when the headmasters are away, villains come out to play! And when Quentin Quire celebrates his birthday, party crasher Wolverine gets more...

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  • Spider-Gwen Ghost-Spider Modern Era: Epic...
    Latour, Jason / Rodriguez, Robbi (illus.)
    On Earth-65, the radioactive spider didn't bite Peter Parker - it bit Gwen Stacy! Now, Gwen fights crime as Spider-Woman - just don't tell her father, the police chief! In the wake of SPIDER-VERSE, Gwen splits her time between school, heroism and playing in her band, the Mary Janes, while dodging NYPD lieutenant Frank Castle! But what really happened the night her world's Peter...

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