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  • Women of the Sun
    Nico B (Ed.)
    Pioneer photographer Bunny Yeager, lauded for her collaborations with pin-up legend Bettie Page (the Queen of Cheesecake was never captured better), this new coffee-table hardcover book showcases a stunning collection of unique photos shot South of the Border during the mid-1960s that has remained largely unseen?until now.Over 200 rare images in both color and b&w are included,...

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  • Desafío
    Filigrana, Pastora / Forster, Ricardo / Tirado, Arantxa / Nico
    Desafío no es un libro sobre lo que nos está pasando (o nos ha pasado), sino para que evitemos lo que nos podría pasar (o nos pasará si no lo remediamos). Pero aprendemos cada día, y por eso, este ebook ha crecido con las aportaciones de sus cuatro autores, como ha crecido lo que tenemos que hacer para enfrentarnos a este DesafíoDesde que la pandemia se enseñoreó del mundo, la...

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  • What Was the Berlin Wall?
    Medina, Nico / Who Hq / Marchesi, Stephen (illus.)
    In 1961, overnight a concrete border went up, dividing the city of Berlin into two parts: East and West. The story of the Berlin Wall holds up a mirror to post-WWII politics and the Cold War Era when the United States and the USSR were enemies, always on the verge of war. The wall meant that no one from Communist East Berlin could travel to West Berlin, a free, democratic area...

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  • Who was Julius Caesar?
    Medina, Nico

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  • Velvet Underground & Nico: Picture Disc (LP)
    Velvet Underground, The & Nico
    A1 Sunday MorningA2 I'm Waiting For The ManA3 Femme FataleA4 Venus In FursA5 Run, Run, RunA6 All Tomorrow's PartiesA7 I'll Be Your MirrorB1 HeroinB2 There She Goes AgainB3 The Black Angel's Death SongB4 European Son To Delmore SchwartzB5 Chelsea Girls ...

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