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  • Magic book of spells, The
    Nefcy, Daron
    Ever wondered what's inside The Magic Book of Spells? It contains every spell you've ever seen on the show, plus the history of Mewni, as told by thirteen queens. Each chapter is full of secrets, magic, and notes from Star Butterfly!This fun-packed, full-color jacketed hardcover version of The Magic Book of Spells will give fans of Star Vs the Forces of Evil all the inside info...

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  • Star vs. the Forces of Evil Star and...
    Nefcy, Daron
    Want to know how to use inter dimensional scissors? Or what to bring to a centaur's party? Find out in this jam-packed guide featuring Star, Marco and the people, monsters and worlds they encounter on their adventures.This hardcover book, in the best-selling Guide to Life format, features 192 pages of hilarious information, full-color images, and a double-sided pull-out poster....

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