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  • Carnage: Black, White and Blood Treasury...
    Donny Cates / Tini Howard / Benjamin Percy / Chip Zdarsky
    Carnage is back, carving a path of chaos in his wake -- one crafted by some of the greatest creators at Marvel! But beware, True Believers: true to their titular character's namesake, these spine-chilling tales are not for the faint of heart -- and they are presented in brutally beautiful black, white...and blood! Featuring the serial-killing super villain in savage battle with...

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  • Absolute Carnage
    Cates, Donny / Stegman, Ryan
    After turning Venom's world upside down a year ago, DONNY CATES and RYAN STEGMAN are about to put the Sinister Symbiote through hell again, only this time CARNAGE has come calling, and everyone who's ever worn a symbiote is dead in his sights! He's skirted the periphery of the Marvel Universe for months, but Cletus Kasady at last stands poised to make his grand return to New Yo...

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  • Redneck 1
    Cates, Donny
    The Bowmans are VAMPIRES who have quietly run the local barbecue joint in their small town for years, living off cow's blood. Their peaceful coexistence ends as generations of hate, fear and bad blood bubble to the surface--making it impossible to separate man from monster! ...

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  • Venom Vol. 6
    Cates, Donny
    The horrifying threat of the King in Black, all-powerful god of the symbiote race, has loomed large for years. And after millennia of imprisonment, Knull was finally freed thanks to a rash act by Eddie Brock! Now, the King in Black and his symbiotic army have arrived on Earth! But what is Knull's hideous agenda? And what happens to Venom when he finally comes face to face with ...

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