(What's The Story) Morning Glory? Box Set, Deluxe Edition, Limited Edition (2 LP +3 CD+ Cassette)

(What's The Story) Morning Glory? Box Set, Deluxe Edition, Limited Edition (2 LP +3 CD+ Cassette)


$5,901.00 MXN

CD1-1.- Hello
CD1-2.- Roll With It
CD1-3.- Wonderwall
CD1-4.- Don't Look Back In Anger
CD1-5.- Hey Now!
CD1-6.- Untitled
CD1-7.- Some Might Say
CD1-8.- Cast No Shadow
CD1-9.- She's Electric
CD1-10.- Morning Glory
CD1-11.- Untitled
CD1-12.- Champagne Supernova
CD2-1.- Talk Tonight
CD2-2.- Acquiesce
CD2-3.- Headshrinker
CD2-4.- It's Better People
CD2-5.- Rockin' Chair
CD2-6.- Step Out
CD2-7.- Underneath The Sky
CD2-8.- Cum On Feel The Noize
CD2-9.- Round Are Way
CD2-10.- The Swamp Song
CD2-11.- The Masterplan
CD2-12.- Bonehead's Bank Holiday
CD2-13.- Champagne Supernova (Brendan Lynch Mix)
CD2-14.- You've Got To Hide Your Love Away
CD3-1.- Acquiesce (Live At Earls Court)
CD3-2.- Some Might Say (Demo)
CD3-3.- Some Might Say (Live At Roskilde) CD3-4.- She's Electric (Demo)
CD3-5.- Talk Tonight (Live At Bath Pavilion)
CD3-6.- Rockin' Chair (Demo)
CD3-7.- Hello (Live At Roskilde)
CD3-8.- Roll With It (Live At Roskilde)
CD3-9.- Morning Glory (Live At Roskilde)
CD3-10 Hey Now (Demo)
CD3-11.- Bonehead's Bank Holiday (Demo) CD3-12.- Round Are Way (M T V Unplugged) CD3-13.- Cast No Shadow (Live At Maine Road) CD3-14.- The Masterplan (Live At Knebworth Park) MC-A1.- Hello
MC-A2.- Roll With It
MC-A3.- Wonderwall
MC-A4.- Don't Look Back In Anger
MC-A5.- Hey Now!
MC-A6.- Untitled
MC-B1.- Some Might Say
MC-B2.- Step Out
MC-B3.- Cast No Shadow
MC-B4.- She's Electric
MC-B5.- Morning Glory
MC-B6.- Untitled
MC-B7.- Champagne Supernova
LP-A1.- Hello
LP-A2.- Roll With It
LP-A3.- Wonderwall
LP-B1.- Don't Look Back In Anger
LP-B2.- Hey Now!
LP-B3.- Untitled
LP-B4.- Bonehead's Bank Holiday
LP-C1.- Some Might Say
LP-C2.- Cast No Shadow
LP-C3.- She's Electric
LP-D1.- Morning Glory
LP-D2.- Untitled
LP-D3.- Champagne Supernova
7"-E.- Hello (Demo)
7"-F.- She's Electric (Demo)
12"-G.- Cum On Feel The Noize
12"-H.- Champagne Supernova (Lynchmob Beats Mix)

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